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Josef Kasper becomes OKD, HBZS Director

OSTRAVA (1 July 2010) – On July 1, 2010, Josef Kasper, who was the ČSM Mine Director until recently, became the Director of OKD, HBZS, which a subsidiary company of OKD, the hard coal mining company. In this leading position, he replaced Václav Pošta, who continues to be  the Chairman of the Board of Directors of this rescue company, and at the same time, he became a consultant of Leo Bayer, Chief Operating Officer, OKD.


Josef Kasper (51 years old) has been engaged in the mining industry since he finished his study at the Mining University in 1982. He took up employment with OKD in the ČSM Mine, where he was working in various positions, for example, as a geologist, plant production manager or mine manager. In 2004, he became the Mine Director. Since 1985, he has actively been working in the rescue team. He participated in many challenging rescue operations, for which he obtained the Golden Rescue Cross and George Agricola Medal in 2005 and 2008 respectively.


Václav Pošta (61 years old) has been engaged in the mine rescue services since 1978 already. He was working as the Head of the Mine Plant Rescue Service for seven years. In 1986, he came to the Main Mine Rescue Service to work as a chief mechanic there. In 1990, he became the Director of the Main Mine Rescue Service, and four years later, he started to perform the position of the Chairman of the Board of Directors. In 2001, he participated in establishing the International Mines Rescue Body (IMRB), where he represents the Czech mine rescue system. He is a reputable expert, not only in the Czech Republic. During his engagement, the OKD mine rescue system has achieved top standards comparable with those applied in the world.


OKD, HBZS employs approximately 200 people. Their key task consists in saving people’s life during mine accidents, and at the same time, they also participate in performing a lot of expert activities in the mines, and if necessary, they offer their specialists’ services and equipment to the Moravian-Silesian Region Integrated Rescue System units.



Vladislav Sobol, Spokesman, OKD, a.s.


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