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July salaries

July salaries



91% of OKD employees, regardless whether they are blue collars or technicians get their July´s wages in full and in time, the remainder of employees will get it in two repayments by 19 August at the latest.


Karviná (August 4, 2016) – Management of OKD will not likely have sufficient funds in order to pay all its wage claims in due payday and in full to its employees. Therefore wages for some 800 above-average paid employees will be pain in two repayments.


„Today, at the meeting with representatives of OKD Trade Unions, we opted for an alternative scenario that 91% of our employees regardless whether employed as blue collar workers or technicians receive their wages for a previous month in full and in due payday. For a group of employees whose wages are above average in the long term, we have decided to send to their accounts a deposit of CZK 20 thousand. The remainder will be paid out by 19 August at the latest, which shall be no longer than a week delay.

The management of the company will get their wages only after all wage claims of OKD employees are settled, that is on 22 August.
I am convinced that under given circumstances this solution is the most acceptable option both for Trade Unions as well as for our employees,” said Managing Director, Antonín Klimša.


Management of OKD has already proclaimed some time ago that lack of funds to finance operations and pay wages may happen in course of this summer. Therefore the management asked the government of the Czech Republic in advance to provide the company an external operating line of credit. In view of the current situation in the mining company, the government eventually approved the loan for OKD at its last cabinet meeting


„These days management of OKD intensively discusses the final version of the credit contract with Prisco, the state run company. In case of approving a proposed reorganization of OKD, we will make upmost efforts to start drawing down these funds as soon as possible, added Antonín Klimša.


Based on bilateral agreement of Trade Union representatives and management of OKD, a.s., at the end of their mutual meeting, both parties concluded and signed a Schedule to Collective Agreement.


Ivo Čelechovský
spokesperson of OKD, a.s.