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Karviná Mine witnessed a mine accident on Saturday night

OSTRAVA (November 23, 2008) – A mine bounce causing fatal injuries to two miners occurred yesterday night at ČSA Site, Karviná Mine. Three other workers sustained light injuries. All other workers working at the time in the affected area of the mine were safely evacuated.


The geomechanical event occurred on Saturday, November 22, at 11.27 pm in the LW face 22 3452/1 at Doubrava site at the depth of 710 m below surface. There were 21 miners working in this area when the event happened. The bounce impacted gateroads leading to the LW panel in particular. Mine rescuers providing first aid set out immediately for the place of accident; they led the miners out of the area at risk and adopted necessary steps to secure the place of accident.


Despites all efforts to save their lives, the physician had to state injuries incompatible with life in case of two miners. These two miners were contractors of Polish nationality, aged 39 and 46.


“We deeply regret any human life lost and feel sincere sympathy for the families and close relatives of the dead miners,” said Klaus-Dieter Beck, OKD CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors. "Safety is the key priority at OKD under any circumstances; we are however working in difficult conditions underground and it is not possible to anticipate all natural effects with a hundred-percent certainty," added Mr. Beck.


Causes of this extraordinary event are now being subject to investigation held by an expert committee consisting of the representatives of the Regional Mining Authority in Ostrava, Czech Police, Karviná Mine management, OKD HQ, Green Gas DPB and trade unions.