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Kristína, Tomáš Klus, Charlie Straight and Ruda will come to Staříč on Miners’ Day

Kristína, Tomáš Klus, Charlie Straight and Ruda will come to Staříč on Miners’ Day

STAŘÍČ (September 5, 2012) – One week after the OKD Miners’ Festival in Karviná, the Paskov Mine is also going to celebrate the Miners’ Day. The celebration will take place on Saturday, September 8 from 14:00 hrs, as usual in the FC Staříč football complex. They really offer a star programme. For example, Kristína, Tomáš Klus, Charlie Straight and Michal Kavalčík, known as “Ruda from Ostrava”, will appear on the stage. As in the previous years, entry is free, and at the entrance, the visitors can engage in the charitable collection of the St. Barbara Civic Association.

At 14:00 hrs the programme will be started by majorettes, and after their performance, Michal Tučný Revival Band, entertainer Ruda from Ostrava, Slovak Star Kristína and No Comment dance group will take turns on the stage. Afterwards, the most anticipated quests will appear – at half past five, Charlie Straight, a band from Třinec, and after them, Tomáš Klus, an actor and recently especially, a hitmaker. The concert will culminate with a performance of Team Revival, an Ostrava-based band.

“The Miners’ Day is a traditional celebration of the honest mining profession, while thanking all employees of our mine, their family members and other people who live in our mining region,” said Vladislav Szmek, General Manager of the Paskov Mine. The Miners’ Day celebration will also include a ceremony of laying flowers to the memorial plates in Staříč and Chlebovice and awarding the best workers of the mine.

There is again no admission fee to the Miners’ Day celebration event, but the visitors can contribute to a good cause. “At the entrance, there will be a moneybox of the St. Barbara Civic Association, which takes care of miners’ orphans. The Paskov Mine employees and other visitors to the miners’ celebration events have always shown a true mining solidarity through their contributions,” explained Milena Malinská, an organizer.

The Paskov Mine, which is famous for its high-quality coking coal, employs approximately three thousand people. Over the last years, OKD has purchased state-of-the-art road header technology for the mine, modernized its mining technologies and the personal protective equipment has also been completely replaced. These investments have contributed to a better mining efficiency and have improved safety in the mine.

Vladislav Sobol,

Spokesman, OKD