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Last year 55 reclamation projects at CZK 265 million were in progress. New publication deals with return of landscape to nature.

Last year 55 reclamation projects at CZK 265 million were in progress. New publication deals with return of landscape to nature.

Ostrava (31 January 2011) – Over the last years, the Karviná region landscape has changed significantly thanks to the reclamation of lands affected by mining in the past. This is also documented by the new publication titled “We Return Life to Nature”, providing an overview of land reclamation projects developed in the Region.


“Just in 2010, there were 55 larger reclamation projects in progress. The total costs reached almost CZK 265 million. For example, the so-called Darkov Sea area was subject to the largest reclamation project in Moravia and Silesia with a potential to become an attractive area of relaxation and recreation for the residents of Karviná and adjacent communities,” said Radim Tabášek, Chief Human Resources Officer, OKD. “We are aware of our responsibility for changes in the landscape caused by the coal mining. Therefore, we pay great attention to the reclamation of individual areas,” added Tabášek.
The land reclamation brochure showing changes of the areas affected by the coal mining into places where precious plant and animal species have returned can be downloaded from The publication includes a wide range of photos showing the landscape state before and after the land reclamation.


The land reclamation projects aim at returning the lands changed significantly by human activities into the natural state in which such areas exist as autonomous ecological systems with original animal and plant species, which gradually come back to such lands and cause new unique ecosystems to arise with occurrence of precious fauna and flora species. 


OKD endeavours to return such lands to people for recreation purposes. In the densely populated agglomeration of the Moravian-Silesian Region with a shortage of free areas for free-time activities, this fact is of great importance. “During the landscape planning, the individual municipal authorities always decide on what the land will look like after reclamation, as well as on its further utilization. Any work is under control of environmental authorities, and OKD places emphasis on the environmental dimension of projects,” explained Tabášek.


The land reclamation took place in an area of almost 860 hectares in 2010. The most significant projects included, for example, modification to the Stonávka river, Phase 9 of the Louky Land Reclamation Project, reclamation of the Solecký Hill and southern section of the Karviná Creek.


In 2010 a total of CZK 265 million were expended for the land reclamation projects, and since 1989 the total reclamation costs incurred in the OKD mining district have risen to almost CZK 4.25 billion. CZK 3 billion have been provided by OKD, and CZK 1.26 billion have been the state funds provided within the Moravian-Silesian Region Revitalization Programme, which was launched in 2003 to solve damage to lands caused by the coal mining before 1992, i.e., before the OKD privatization.



Vladislav Sobol, Spokesman, OKD, a.s.


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