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Lucie Bílá, MIG 21 and Hells Bells will rule on coalmine celebration fest in Karviná this year

Lucie Bílá, MIG 21 and Hells Bells will rule on coalmine celebration fest in Karviná this year

KARVINÁ (August 21st 2011) – Domestic music aces, surprise from England, fun for kids, coalmine traditions, but especially big mining machines exhibition, which people in the Czech Republic never seen before, because coalminers are working with them several hundreds of meters underground. Plus attractive exhibition of coalmine rescue team and sightseeing flight in the balloon over Karviná park. You can see all  of it and even more in this coalmine celebration fest, which company prepares for its employees and all friends of coalmining for the first Saturday in September in the center of Karviná.


In addition to traditional entertainment, there will be another specialty – Carnival parade of OKD foundation. “It's a combination of enthusiasts from the civic association – ART Prometheus, who specialize in organizing of similar parades, and non profit organizations from the region. Something like this Karvina never experienced," Jiří Suchánek, OKD foundation director, invites other interested persons in participating in the parade.


All generations will find their favorite singers in the musical offer: Ben Cristovao, Wohnout, MIG 21, Kryštof, Navigators, Romengo, Fleret, coalmine brass band Ondruš or Lucie Bílá will be on the main scene in Amphitheatre. Music program take place on the three scenes will ends by the hits from legendery AC/DC performed by English band Hells Bells.


There will be also a traditionally attractive program for children. Projects of nonprofit organizations supported by the OKD Foundation, especially sheltered workshops will present their activities in the Karvina square this year. Saint Barbara, civic foundation, will organize a traditional competition for the best cake.

In all area will be fun zone, fun land, jumping attractions and other programs for children and adults. A lot of good food and drinks belongs to all of this.


You can see whole program on the web page



Vladislav Sobol, OKD, a.s., spokesman



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