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Miners have donated over CZK 350 thousand, most in the history, to St. Barbara Civil Association

OSTRAVA (27 December 2010) – OKD, the mining company’s employees have donated the St. Barbara Civil Association CZK 352 thousand, almost one hundred thousand more than last year. The highest amount in the company history was collected by the employees of individual mines during the traditional “Jumps over the Apron”, which are designed for accepting new members of the Miners Guild and assessing the ending year in the spirit of jokes. The St. Barbara Civil Association, called “Barborka” by the miners, finances the education, free-time activities and health care of miners’ orphans.


“Collecting money for Barborka is a traditional part of the event titled “Jumps over the Apron”, where tens of thousands of crowns are always collected at each mine. However, this year’s proceeds have really surprised me since I thought that the crisis, mentioned everywhere, would have opposite effects. Nevertheless, the miners have again shown their solidarity and do not want to save money on children of their former fellow-workers,” said Josef Hoďák, Association Vice-Chairman. The highest amount, i.e., almost CZK 109,000, was collected during the Jumps over the Apron at the Darkov Mine.


This year the St. Barbara Civil Association has distributed approximately CZK 2.5 million among the children. Apart from the employees, there are also member companies of the Association, OKD Foundation, sponsors and mining company managers who contribute funds to the Association’s budget. The Association uses the collected funds to help children cover their school fees, hostel accommodation, school aids, skiing courses, stays in children’s camps and medical equipment. “We also support students by paying for their monthly foreign language courses or driving school fees so that they will be prepared for their successful entry into independent life,” specified Hoďák.


The St. Barbara Civil Association keeps records of approximately 90 children. In connection with the investments made by OKD in safety and lower number of work accidents, their number has been gradually decreasing over the recent years.




Vladislav Sobol, Spokesman, OKD, a.s.



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