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Mining apprentices have a summer job in OKD surface operations

Mining apprentices have a summer job in OKD surface operations

KARVINÁ (August 5th 2011) – Around fifty apprentices, who are preparing themselves for the profession of mechanics and electricians at Karviná High school of technology and services used OKD bid to earn some money on summer jobs. They work on the surface in mechanical workshops of ČSM, Karviná and Darkov coalmines.

OKD Management considers the summer jobs as an ideal way to create strong relationship between apprentices and their future employer. "It's a great opportunity for them to improve the practical knowledge and experience and by approaching to employment obligations to prove an interest to work in our company," said Radim Tabášek, OKD Human Resources Director.


Boys are satisfied with work and summer jobs are also welcomed income for them. “I was at the summer job last year and I really enjoyed it. I had the opportunity to try what I can do, and I learned many new things. I am glad that I am working at work area, where I have a practice provided by the school. So I can work with employees of workshops, I already know, "said Vladimír Varga, second-year apprentice.


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  • Mining apprenticeship

OKD, after a large investment in mining technology, needs to educate professionals who will manage to operate these modern machines in the future. That was the reason why the company, after almost twenty years, re-established mining apprenticeships in 2009. They are preparing their future employees in the High School of Technology and Services in Karvina and from the next school year at the High School in Havířov-Šumbark. OKD pays a monthly stipend of CZK 1,000 to apprentices and allows them to have a practice on the surface operation of the coalmines.

  • Number of employees

OKD is the biggest employer in region. Employs almost 14 thousands own employees and almost 4 thousands workers from supplying companies. Tens of thousands jobs are tight to OKD business from supply companies.

  • Average salary

Average salary in OKD significantly exceeds regional and national average. In 2010 average monthly income of coalminers and other workers in blue-collar occupations has been increased by 10 % on CZK 32.583 in compare with the year before.


Vladislav Sobol, OKD spokesman



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