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Mining celebrations and Miners´ Day are just before us! These events propose a lot of attractions for children

Mining celebrations and Miners´ Day are just before us! These events propose a lot of attractions for children

KARVINA (August 26, 2014) – Already on this Saturday, August 30, 2014, the OKD Mining Celebrations are returning to Bozena Nemcova´s park in Karvina and the Miners´ Day to Staric after two years break. Both these events bring varied program full of attractions to the visitors. Especially the children will be able to enjoy and experience plenty of fun in the zone Na Lodickach (By the Boats).

In the rear part of the Bozena Nemcova´s Park there will grow-up the main stage that will be especially dedicated to the fans of Heavy Metal music as well as to the lovers and friends of folk music and brass bands. On the Island – Na Lodickach (By the Boats) there will be found the zone for families with children. What they are able to look forward? The children will have possibility to experience and enjoy the pony riding, carousel or they will be able to jump in the bouncing castle or to play one of many board games.

There will also be the popular Klauni z Balónkova (Clowns from “the Balloon Land”), the fabulous full body show will be presented by the members of the Workout Team from Karvina not only on the horizontal bar. And not only a workshop will make a part of this funny afternoon when the visitors can get more information on this type of sport but they will also have opportunity to do some exercises on the spot. The project concerning the public Workout Playground that is being established thanks to the OKD Foundation´s financial support will be presented too.

The children will have opportunity to enjoy the face painting, graffiti and a music workshop will be held at these premises.

The invitation has been accepted by the Karvina football players who after the morning match of the Second National League against Pardubice football t eam will give their autographs and small gift items including the club shield between 14:00 and 16:00 CET. The team should be represented by the nurselings from Karvina - Lukas Kurusta, Erich Puchel and David Puskac.

The traditional exhibit of mining rescue squad by the HBZS Ostrava-Radvanice will also be shown; to interested people they will demonstrate the first aid in the form of the heart massage or the mouth – to – mouth resuscitation and also, they will show the possibility how to transport the injured person by the rope.

Spolek svatá Barbora (the Association St. Barbara) will not be missing here with its stand. This Association supports the families with the miners´ orphans especially as for their education, for purposes of development of their talents and abilities in various fields.
Who will be interested in taking a boat turn, he/she will have opportunity to exploit it on a half price on the occasion of the Miners´ Day.

Between half past two and six p.m., near to the main stage, there will be prepared a special untraditional competition for adult participants, froth-blowers and the champions can win valuable gain prizes like Rubej skopek ve farackach (Drink your tub in coveralls). The partners of this competition are the companies Canis and R MEDIA. The winners will be declared after performance of the singer Anna K. At about 7:00 p.m.

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