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Mining celebrations are returning to both Karviná and Staříč. Anna K. will perform at OKD celebrations in Karviná, Lake Malawi at Miners´ Day in Staříč

Mining celebrations are returning to both Karviná and Staříč. Anna K. will perform at OKD celebrations in Karviná, Lake Malawi at Miners´ Day in Staříč

KARVINÁ (1st August 2014) – After a break last year, mining celebrations are returning to Božena Němcová´s park in Karviná and Miners´ Day to Staříc. Both events will symbolically conclude summer holidays in Karviná and Frýdek-Místek regions on 30th August. OKD, which is currently undergoing a complex operational transformation, declared last year that it will resume organizing a traditional and popular events as soon as the economic situation allows it. Miners kept their promises.

„We realize the importance of mining traditions for the region. Despite the difficult times that the hard coal mining is undergoing globally, especially due to low coal prices, we are happy to be able to return to one of the traditions after a year´s break. I am convinced that not only employees will appreciate it but also people in mining communities in Karviná and Frýdek-Místek regions and that they will find time to enjoy themselves and have fun at the end of summer by what we are preparing for them.
It is also about recognition of work and efforts of all our employees during a transformation process that OKD is currently undergoing in order to stay competitive and sustain its business in the future.
From my mining experience in various parts of the world, I can make a comparison and I must say that mining traditions in the Czech Republic and their observance is a globally very unique phenomenon,” Dale Ekmark, MD of OKD says.

Music fans ranging from miners´ brass band, through folk music to hard rock can enjoy themselves during the last Saturday of summer holiday as well as families with children, for whom a number of spectacles and interactive competitions will be prepared in the zone Na lodičkách (By the boats).

The festive day will begin at twelve o´clock at the University Square by a solemn ceremony with the tones of mining brass band when OKD and Karviná representatives will revere the memory of those who passed away when working underground. The parade of uniformed miners will walk through Karviná city centre and will go to the church Povýšení svatého Kříže (Elevation of the St. Cross) where the mass for the miners begins at one o´clock.
The program in the park will begin with the performance of Májovák brass band at two o´clock. Then, during the event, both regional bands will perform (Trochumoc, Panter, Downbelow) as well as performers with the roots in our region (Pavel Dobeš) up to popular musicians from other parts of our country (Kern, Judas Priest Revival). The main star will be, a holder of Anděl (Angel) statuette in the category of Woman singer of the year and a singer of many hits, Anna K.
The zone around the boats will especially be dedicated to children, for whom OKD in cooperation with OKD foundation and its supported organization, prepared a number of spectacles such as (carousels, bouncing castle, pony rides, face painting), especially through contests where children can show their abilities, handicraft as well as their talent. Children will be also entertained by Klauni z Balónkova (clowns from the Balloon land).
A traditional exhibit of mining rescue squad should not be left out and there will be a new, quite untraditional recessional contest Rubej škopek ve fáračkách (Drink your tub in coveralls). An Association Svatá Barbora (St. Barbora Association) will participate with its traditional stand, by means of which, OKD and other partners support families of miners´ orphans.

A festive day in Staříč will begin at two o´ clock at the football field by a performance of majorettes. A range of popular regional performers will introduce themselves in course of the program, for instance ŠUBA DUBA BAND, Markéta Konvičková, or an Ostravian old women´s rock band Kapriola. LAKE MALAWI, Albert Černý´s band from Charlie Straight will close the event. A part of the attractive program will also be dedicated to children.
A number of sport events will be organized for the employees in upcoming days, like tournaments at netball, tennis, beach volleyball, football, badminton or bowling.

“We see this year´s event especially as an acknowledgement to employees of Paskov Mine for their work and effort in course of operational transformation of OKD that should render the business as sustainable despite the present extreme situation in the world hard coal markets. We believe that it is necessary to keep mining traditions and come back to them even at times which are not easy for hard coal companies. After all, mining was at the beginning of the development of our region and even today it is an industry that either directly or indirectly provides work for tens of thousands of people in the region. That´s why I believe that not only families of our employees will find their way to Staříč during the last Saturday of the summer holiday but also people from the community and actually the entire Frýdek-Místek region will come and enjoy themselves, GM of Paskov Mine, Zbigniew Janowski says.

Program of OKD Mining Celebrations in Božena Němcová park in Karviná

11:00 – solemn ceremony, placing wreaths at the University Square in Karviná
11:30 – parade of uniformed miners and miners´ brass band to the church of Povýšení svatého Kříže (Elevation of the St. Cross) in Karviná-Fryštát
12:00 – mass for deceased miners at the Church of Povýšení svatého Kříže (Elevation of the St. Cross)

OKD stage – Park Boženy Němcové (Karviná-Fryštát)
14:00 – Májovák – symphonic brass orchestra
14:15 – ceremonial opening
14:30 – Trochumoc
15:30 – Pavel Dobeš
16:30 – Downbelow
17:30 – Anna K.
19:00 – Panter
20:15 – Kern
21:30 – Judas Priest Revival

Na Lodičkách zone (By the boats)
- carousels
- bouncing castle
- pony rides
- Klauni z Balónkova (Clowns from the Balloon land)
- face painting
- creative work shops (graffiti, art group, badge, beads making)
- board games
- mining rescue exhibits

Program of Miners´ Day in Staříč

14:00 – majorettes IMPULS FROM BOHUMÍN
15:25 - majorettes
15:40 - PETR STEBNICKÝ – imitator of politicians and actors
16:15 – dancing band NO COMMENT
17:15 - NO COMMENT
17:30 – raffle
18:00 – old women´s rock band KAPRIOLA
21:15 - LAKE MALAWI – new band of Albert Černý from Charlie Straight