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Mining traditions, attractive music program, contests and spectacles for children. Celebrations of miners are heading once again to Karviná and Staříč

Mining traditions, attractive music program, contests and spectacles for children. Celebrations of miners are heading once again to Karviná and Staříč

KARVINÁ (16th July 2015) – On 12th September, celebrations will take place in Karviná, at Božena Němcová´s park and at the grounds of football field in Staříc. In Karviná, OKD Mining celebrations will take place, Miners´day in Staříč. Like in the past years, an interesting program will be prepared not only for families of OKD employees but also for all citizens of the mining region. By organizing the event, desire of OKD is to thank to all employees for efforts when aiming at ambitious targets and ongoing restructuring. The company was forced to initiate it two years ago as a result of price slump on the hard coal markets.

„Reminding of mining traditions is an important constituent of cultural and social life in the region. It is not our intention to avert from them in times when coal mining industry undergoes difficult times. On the contrary, it´s important to remind ourselves of the roots of origin of this region to its existing shape. Mining celebration undoubtedly belong to such traditions.
At the same time we consider this event to be an appropriate way to express our thanks to employees for their all-year round and dutiful work and for their support to current OKD transformation which is necessary for us to build our business on a long-term sustainable foundations. Similarly, all our other partners who are impacted by OKD business undertaking deserve our thanks. Only joint efforts will help us overcome hard times. We are on the right tract, just there is still a lot of work ahead of us,” says Pavel Hadrava, COO of OKD.

The festive day in Karviná will start at 11 o´clock at the University square with the reverent ceremony with tones of Májovák brass orchestra, representatives from OKD and the city of Karviná as well as the guests who will pay a tribute to those who died while working underground. The parade of uniformed miners will walk through Karviná city centre to St. Mark´s church where there will be a service at twelve for the miners who passed away.
The programme at Božena Němcová´s park begins on the main stage at two o´clock with performance of the holder of the Czech music award (Slavík) in the category revelation of the year – singer Elis. Throughout the event, there will be performing both regional bands (Tanja & Ahard, Nebe) as well as popular musicians from other parts of our country (Vaťák-Kabát revival). Main start of the programme is still kept as a secret by the organizers but the name shall be revealed in the last week of August. „It is really a big name at the Czech music stage. Visitors have something to look forward to. Information will be provided in good time,“ says Lenka Flámová from OKD on behalf of the organizers.

Compared to the last year, the program will be extended in a new stage at the summer amphitheatre that has undergone renovation. This will be under the patronage of the OKD foundation that promises an interesting programme for folk music lovers (Ostravica), for dance lovers (Akcent, Bílá holubice), singing lovers (Permoník), and circus fans (Cirkus trochu jinak) or the unique workout with own body by Workout Karviná club.
Opposite of the main stage, there will be a zone for families and children with a number of games with interesting rewards, close to the amphitheatre, there will be carousels and other fun activities.

A traditional exhibit of mining rescuers from Main Mining Rescue Centre from Ostrava-Radvanice will not be forgotten, the same regards the Association for uniformed miners in Stonava with a number of unique historic exhibits. St. Barbara association will traditionally participate with its stall, by which OKD and other partners sponsor families of mining orphans.

„From my work experience from several mining companies in various countries in the world, I can compare and must state that mining traditions in the Czech Republic and following traditions is a unique phenomenon globally. Miners´ celebrations belong to these traditions and I am pleased that OKD may be the organizer even this year despite the difficult time that company is undergoing. We are struggling for our future and would like to thank to our all employees and the region thank for their efforts” says Managing Director of OKD, Dale Ekmark.


OKD 3 (former Paskov Mine) will commence the celebrations already on 11th September, in the morning with the reverent act with remembrance of those of died in connection with working duties in the mine. Flowers will be laid at the plaques in Staříč and Chlebovice. At noon, the management of the operation will reward the selected employees. 

The festive day at the football field in Staříč will start on Saturday, on 12th September at 2:30 p.m. with the performance of Argema band, also Roman Vojtek and Traktor band will perform. The stars of this year will be three revival bands - Scorpions revival, Kabát revival and AC/DC revival. Employees will be able to join many sports events – netball, tennis, football, badminton or bowling during next days.

„A lot could have been heard about our mine and its unclear future. We are doing our best to be able to overcome this difficult period and mine coal even after 2017 as the agreement with the state stipulates. For the efforts when we succeeded in considerable cost cutting and increasing efficiency, thank all our employees because they deserve our recognition. The battle is not over yet but we are fighting best we can. That is why we would like to prepare a nice day for our employees, their families but also for citizens of community in Frýdek-Místek area where they will be able to enjoy themselves. We shall not forget our traditions because they are crucially important for mining sector and help to maintain the roots of the beautiful, but hard and demanding profession,“ says General Manager of the Mine, Zbigniew Janowski.

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Programme of OKD Mining celebrations at Božena Němcová park in Karviná

11:00 – Reverent act, laying wreaths at the University square in Karviná
11:30 – Parade of uniformed miners and the mining band to St. Mark´s church
12:00 – Saint mass for deceased miners at St. Mark´s church

OKD stage – Božena Němcová park (Karviná-Fryštát)
14:00 – Elis
15:15 – Nebe
16:40 – Ahard&Tanja
19:00 – Vaťák
20:30 – main star

OKD foundation stage – summer amphitheatre
- majorettes MICHELLE
- Ostravica
- Permoník
- dance (Akcent)
- Cirkus trochu jinak
- Workout Karviná - workout

Programme of Day of miners in Staříč

14:30 - Argema
15:45 – Roman Vojtek
16:50 - Traktor
18:15 – Scorpions revival
19:45 – Kabát revival
21:00 – AC/DC revival