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Money from OKD helps to region, the company increases its contributions every year

Money from OKD helps to region, the company increases its contributions every year

OSTRAVA The OKD Company thinks of its region. Sponsor contributions and gifts helped already many non-profit organizations in Moravia-Silesia region, and in additional to it the company is increasing the total amount every year. While in 2005 the OKD company provided for sponsoring and gifts 30 millions Czech crowns, last year it was just 35 millions. „This year this sum will be even higher thanks to new projects of developing OKD foundation,“ said directress for PR and communication of OKD Mrs. Petra Mašínová.


„As the largest employer in the north of Moravia we are making a large responsibility for the whole region, that’s why we want to support the best ideas and activities. It is also important for us to help these ones who need it the most, it means namely children or valetudinarians,“ explained the manager of OKD sponsor committee Mrs. Petra Mašínová.


This is the reason why the company gave last year five millions crown to Karvina mining hospital, the next million was given under long-term cooperation to Heřmánek association operating in  Karviná city the House on half a way for children leaving Children’s homes. 


Of a great importance is also the sport support, e.g. last year, the OKD transferred to the HCB OKD Karvina handball club account 12 millions crowns in total. The club “repaid” this sum abundantly not only by advertisement in giving the cup for the league winner but also by good job with pupils and juniors. „The Karvina city care of young generation is excellent. Handball players became an ideal for children, boys are now spending their time on the sport ground and in the gymnasium instead of lounging and watching on TV or secret smoking,“ explained Mrs. Mašínová the main reason why the OKD supports sport activities.  .


Last year, the sponsor contributions and gifts helped also mining bands, rescue teams from Ostrava Red cross, small rugby players, handicapped children and many others organizations.


(We published the detailed list of beneficiaries on Internet site