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More than 92 million of savings thanks to innovations. OKD incentivizes its employees to their own initiative and proposals of innovations

More than 92 million of savings thanks to innovations. OKD incentivizes its employees to their own initiative and proposals of innovations

Karviná (18th February 2015) – Almost a thousand of innovations were proposed by OKD employees and specially created optimizing teams in 2014. 684 of a total number were assessed as meaningful, 388 have already been materialized, and the remainder is currently being implemented. Together with ideas whose implementation already started in 2013, proposals of innovations brought OKD a net financial profit of CZK 92 million. The company motivates employees to reflect over possibilities of making their work more efficient, technically improve it, but most of all, of ways how to increase occupational safety and working environment at OKD. That is why the company paid them over CZK 6,5 million in bonuses for proposed innovations, further 700 ths. were used to purchase travel vouchers or vouchers for electronics for innovators drawn in lots.

„We realize that motivation of employees is key for efficiency increase, energy savings but first and the foremost further improvement of occupational safety and elimination of possible risks. Therefore Continuous Improvement Program continues at OKD already for the fifth time. Implementation of employees proposals saves the company yearly tens of millions of crowns, the program has won confidence among employees, raised their awareness in events at the work area and that it would be beneficial for all parties involved if they think of their work and seek ways how to make work safer, more efficient and less strenuous,” says the Chief Operating Officer of OKD, Pavel Hadrava.

The company has created a special bonus scheme for employees involved in Continuous Improvement program. The incentive is based on the savings achieved of what a particular suggestion would bring to the company. Each employee who has submitted a meaningful proposal automatically receives a bonus of CZK 1000. For instance, an employee whose proposal saves the company CZK 1 million, he/she is liable to a reward of at least CZK 10 000. Also ideas that don´t entail savings but their implementation leads of occupational safety are rewarded.

Successful innovators at individual operations have further possibility of extraordinary reward of their ideas when there is a yearly evaluation of the most beneficial proposals enhancing occupational safety and working environments or bringing economic savings and new technical solutions. Individual operations evaluate the most beneficial proposals for a certain time period in course of the year (quarterly, for instance).


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