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Most of OKD miners already own new protection aids

Ostrava (October 22, 2009) – The Safety 2010 Project launched by the management of the OKD mining company with the aim to equip the miners with state-of-the-art working aids and to increase safety at work is approaching its end. New mine clothes, fatigue boots with stiffened foreparts, personal lamps, shirts with reflective stripes and other working aids are already used by over a half of the miners; other deliveries to individual pits will arrive in the weeks to come. The project, for which the company earmarked approximately half a billion crowns, will end next year.


The objective of the Safety 2010 Project in not just to invest in the purchases of new aids but also to change the way of thinking of the staff. “Everybody has to realise that safety at work comes first and that if safety regulations are not observed, health of the colleagues is also at risk,“ Miroslav Mančař, Head of the Safety and Health Protection at Work Department, explained. According to him, mining technologies introduced within the POP 2010 programme also play their role in the improvement of the safety conditions. New activities prove right to the OKD management. For example, year-on-year, the number of the recorded on-the-job accidents during the first nine months of this year fell by 20 percents; the gravity of the accidents also decreased.


New detection and indicating instruments that measure and monitor the incidence of methane and other life threatening gases also significantly contributed to increased safety at work in the mines. In comparison with the instruments used so far, they are considerably smaller and lighter. Their other advantage consists in the fact that they can measure concentrations of hazardous gases continuously, and not just to record them but also to store them in the memory. They are also equipped with an optical and acoustic alarm. “These instruments significantly increase the quality of air monitoring which results in increased safety of the miners underground,“ Mr. Mančař added.


Within the Safety 2010 Project, the OKD company replaced all the self-rescuer instruments. The microclimatic conditions in the mines, in particular in the ČSM Mine, were also improved, as a result of the introduction of the central surface air conditioning. As regards the issue of safety at work, OKD closely collaborates with the Main Mining Rescue Station in Ostrava and with the trade unions; safety at the work of the miners and of all the other staff is the firm’s priority.



Zuzana Koláriková

Deputy Spokesperson, OKD, a.s.


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