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New air conditioning system of ČSM Mine will significantly improve miners’ working conditions

New air conditioning system of ČSM Mine will significantly improve miners’ working conditions

OSTRAVA (3 April 2009) – The mining company OKD is completing another significant investment, which will improve the miner’s working conditions. In the underground ČSM Mine, where the workers faced the most complicated microclimatic conditions of the whole coal mining district, the company is installing a new central air conditioning system for more than 400 million Czech crowns. The air conditioning system installation, which will also reduce the water and electricity consumption thanks to the state-of-the-art technologies, will be completed in the middle of the year.


“In some seams, work was really demanding due to the unfavourable microclimatic conditions, and the new system will significantly improve the miners’ working conditions. Now we can install for each work area a cooling capacity so as to reduce the temperature at a specific place and to enable operation without any microclimatic breaks,“ said Josef Kasper, Director of ČSM Mine.


Cool is produced on the surface now, and as such, no new electrical appliances, i.e. further potential heat sources, had to be installed in the mines. “The great benefit of the investment is also an up to five times lower water consumption,“ added Kasper.


The main parts of the central air conditioning system comprise (i) a modern Machine Hall, housing the cooling water production equipment with a total output of 10 MWt, which allows significant energy savings to be achieved due to the direct water cooling in the cooling towers, (iii) a three-chamber exchanger, a “heart” of the whole system, installed more than 800 metres underground, and over 55 kilometres of individual pipelines. After Phase 2 is completed in June 2009, the total output will be increased to 15 MWt.


The ČSM Mine produces approximately 2.5 million tons of hard coal every year and has developed its Mining Plans at least for the next twenty years. The mine employs around 3,200 its own employees and some further 700 persons participate in the coal mining through contractors. The ČSM Mine is one of four mines of OKD, which is owned by New World Resources N. V., a Dutch company.


Vladislav Sobol

Spokesman, OKD, a.s.