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New Chapter on OKD Web to Map the EU Power Engineering Policy

New Chapter on OKD Web to Map the EU Power Engineering Policy

Ostrava – In January OKD mining company launched a new chapter of its web pages ( focusing on the power engineering policy of European Union. In several sections the authors try to map the history of common power engineering activities undertaken by the European countries as well as the latest news and plans of the European Commission in this sphere. “The documents shown are of great importance for both the energy market in the Czech Republic and financial performance of the mining companies,” said Vladislav Sobol, the web site chief editor to explain the reason for the creation of the new chapter.


Following the restructuring of management OKD now undergoes another streamlining process. “Our ambition is to become a company operating not only throughout Europe but also globally. That is why we look upon the power engineering policy of European Union as an essential factor,” indicated Petra Mašínová, OKD Public Relations and Communication Director.


The section containing selected press releases of the European Commission in Czech translation is likely to be found very important by OKD experts and other specialists. “The Commission makes the press releases available mostly only in English, German and French versions with the official Czech translations being delayed for weeks or even months,” stressed Vladislav Sobol to describe one of the advantages of the chapter.


The new chapter also summarizes the EU power engineering policy history from the European Coal and Steel Association through the oil shocks in 1970’s to the Lisbon Treaty and details the EU institutions and other entities involved in the power engineering policy at the EU level.


In future the power engineering chapter of OKD web site will show another documents such as the Green Books of the European Commission, directives and decrees. The authors are going to offer also the information on EU subsidies.


The OKD web site was subjected to remarkable rebuilding at the end of last year. The company is now publishing much more information from the mining industry news for general public to articles for experts and students on