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New shift opens a consultation centre in Karviná

New shift opens a consultation centre in Karviná

KARVINÁ (20th May 2015) – New shift project that OKD utilizes in coordination with OKD Foundation to help departing employees leaving the hard-coal company with seeking the new careers or with starting their own businesses. It will be available to them from June in Karviná city centre in Osvobození avenue.


New Shift project enters its new phase. On 1st June, the doors of its consultation centre that is located on Osvobození avenue in Karviná will get open. The new space should serve to provide complex services of both pillars of the program: Getting a job along with foundation and Support to small businesses. Ranging from socio-psychological consultancy with work and family related issues that may be negatively impacted by the loss of employment, through training in skills necessary for getting a new job, or work interviews in rough outline up to individual consultancy in all important areas for starting a business. The centre should have an internal labour exchange available – a database of labour opportunities that is created on the basis of the needs and requirements of cooperating employers not only in the Moravian-Silesian region.


„Opening of the consultancy centre in Karviná has been a significant step forward that would improve accessibility of our services for people in Karviná district. How to get to places and associated transportation costs should no longer cause worries. That is most OKD employees has a permanent address in Karviná district,“ said the manager of the project “Getting a job along with foundation” Michaela Kühtreiberová.


The opening times of the advisory centre will be Monday and Tuesday 8:00 – 14:00, Wednesday 8:00 – 12:00, and Thursday/Friday by agreement.

The New Shift project was established last autumn in response to the diminishing production profile at OKD according to which the number of employees needed to be adjusted. OKD approaches this fact in a responsible manner and helps departing employees to start their own careers by means of this project. To date, around 100 requests came from former OKD employees out of which about a quarter was successfully resolved by transfer to a new working position.

Marek Síbrt, spokesman of OKD, a.s.
Mobile: 725 500 509