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New Shift scheme goes under OKD

New Shift scheme goes under OKD

Karviná (29th September 2015) –A mutual scheme of OKD and OKD Foundation (OKDF) „New Shift“ (NS) that develops a personal potential and provides aid to departing employees in search for a new job or helping with the start-up of their own businesses will now, as of 1st October be fully under OKD management.


Within the mutual discussion about the future development and future project direction, this was decided in the mid of September among the top representatives of both entities.  


„New Shift should no longer be perceived as a solely charitable activity, but as a part of a systematic and rational solution at OKD, associated with a gradual production phase-out,” said Dale R. Ekmark, Managing Director of OKD.


Another reason why the hard coal company decided to take over all activities was the request to have a uniform central scheme management and last but not least to optimize financial expenses.


„New Shift project was established in autumn last year as a response to OKD´s decreasing production profile to which we are trying to adjust the number of employees. Our desire is to be responsible to departing employees, by means of this project, we are offering a helping hand to start their new careers,“ reminded the HR Manager, Radka Naňáková, under whom New Shift will organizationally be managed as of 1st October 2015.


New Shift will have to basic pillars – program „WE WILL HELP YOU“(a help with a new working placement) and „SUPPORT TO BUSINESSES“.


The main goal of the first pillar is to offer departing employees a help in search for a new job. By means of a number of training, compiling C.V., model job interviews, requalification courses and social-psychological advice provided by professionals from OKD will help to find new opportunities on the market for employees in cooperation with the Labour Office of the Czech Republic and other companies in the region.


In contrast the other pillar will focus on the support for entrepreneurs and small and mid-size businesses. It aims to help the departing employees to materialize their ideas and successfully establish a trade or to start the business. With selected specialists, they will get help how to overcome legal, financial and administrative hurdles that may discourage the less experienced ones from conducting business.


In particular advisory will be provided in these important areas of entrepreneurship:

strategy – creation of a business plan, identification of clients and possibilities of addressing them,
financial planning – gaining necessary sources and creation of a financial plan (revenues vs. expenses),
law – legal form appropriate for business, licenses, trades, contracts, legal minimum,
taxes and accounting – invoicing and book keeping.

Starting 1st June 2015, there is also a New Shift contacting advisory centre available in Karviná, at Osvobození Av. 1721.



Ivo Čelechovský, spokesman of OKD, a.s.

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