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OKD acknowledged production and safety

OKD acknowledged production and safety

KARVINÁ (23rd July 2015) – OKD Challenging miner´s lamp awarded for production, business economics and safety performance is moving after the second quarter from OKD 3 (former Paskov Mine) to Karviná region, to OKD 1 that originated by a merger of Darkov and Karviná Mines. Here, from April until June, miners extracted more than 950 000 tons of coal and exceeded the plan in 184 350 tons. At the same time, they developed 5 km of new gate roads that enable access to coal reserves to be mined in the future.

„We appreciate the gain. It proves that we all pull together and merging former stand alone units into one big operation was a good move. The thing that we can be satisfied with is production where some crews achieved really excellent performance. On the contrary, we must focus on occupational safety. It is imperative for us to prevent such injuries which are not associated to specific mining occupation hundreds of meters underground, but are mostly impacted by responsibility of each individual for his own heath and heath of other colleagues at work areas,” says General Manager of OKD 1, Boleslav Kowalczyk.

For example, an excellent performance was noted by crew of chief foreman Witold Wozniak, who at Lazy site, OKD 1 set in June a new production record of output produced in one panel. „The crew had the highest production in the history of this site when they managed to mine 157 000 tons of coal. He thus build on great performance from previous months, when for instance, in May, miners mined 134 899 tons of coal in this panel which was average of 4612 tons a day,“ says Kowalczyk. The crew was mining coal in the seam with the seam thickness of 5,5-6 meters, the length of the panel was 191 meters. Miners established on success from last year when they mined a record of 1 214 835 tons.

Likewise the challenging statuette of St. Barbara, awarded for safety performance in second quarter, changed its place. The award was received by OKD 2 (former ČSM Mine). „Occupational safety remains an absolute priority and our daily efforts go hand in hand with it. The main target is to eliminate the number of serious or even fatal injuries and focus on a responsible approach of each and every employee to his health and health of other colleagues at the workplace. The second quarter was successful for OKD in this respect but there is still a lot of work ahead of us. Safety improvement is a never ending process in hard coal business,“ says COO of OKD Pavel Hadrava.

At OKD, 24 injuries leading to sick leave were registered in the second quarter and the key performance - LTIFR (number of injuries leading to at least three day sick leave/1 million worked hours) was 4,8. „Our goal is to stay under the level of 5 for the year, which was in comparison with previous years significantly better and rated us among best performing hard coal companies in the world. We must adjust our conduct to this goal. The most important thing coming out of the mine is not tonnage of quality coking coal but a healthy miner coming home to his family,“ closes Hadrava.