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OKD acknowledged safe work

OKD acknowledged safe work

Ostrava (21st January 2014) – OKD regards occupational safety as its priority and the company incentivizes its employees to safe and responsible conduct. Therefore it drew 15 winners who won tours among more than 10 000 of its own employees with together of around 3000 contractors who were working without any injuries in 2014. Similarly, it acknowledges working crews for their best performance in the area of occupational safety and it executes a number of incentive schemes with the goral to eliminate potential risks and dangerous situations while working underground.

Number of injuries at OKD mining operations declines in the long term. While in 2005, the company registered 869 injuries, there were 213 in 2014. Data implies contracting employees as well. This year OKD sets up a challenging goal to become a Central European leader in the area of occupational safety in hard coal industry and to bring down LTIFR* to 5. The company is definite to take any steps in reaching this goal.

As a pillar of its safety campaign for 2015, the company selected the Near Misses Scheme whose goal is to create a complex system of monitoring events that did not result in losses in health or property owing to a mere coincidence and subsequently intends to take actions to prevent from such risky moments to be repeated over again.

„In the recent years, key safety performance has been evolving in a positive way and it proved that realized measures have been meaningful and headed in the right direction. We have achieved considerable improvement. However, in 2014, number of injuries stagnated and it did not change on year on year basis. This must change. What shall be our focal point is the personal approach towards each and every employee and lead them to safe conduct and principles of safe work. Most injuries arise due to a human error and by infringing rules. It is necessary to remember that the most important thing coming out of the mine is not tonnes but a healthy miner,” OKD Chief Executive Officer, Pavel Hadrava said.

Among employees who worked without any injury in 2014, OKD drew from a ballot of each operation a winner of a tour worth CZK 50 000, 30 000 and 20 000.

At the same time, each half-year, best performing long wall, development and recovery crews are recognized for their safety.
Within “Safe workplace” motivation program, crews from individual mining operations competing with one another in the area of safety are recognized quarterly.

Marek Síbrt, spokesman of OKD, a.s.