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OKD and its foundation joined efforts in helping TRIANON, a protected workshop. It will be able to employ other disadvantaged people

OKD and its foundation joined efforts in helping TRIANON, a protected workshop. It will be able to employ other disadvantaged people

KARVINÁ, ČESKÝ TĚŠÍN (1st August 2014) – A new joint project of OKD, a mining company, its foundation “Nadace OKD” and the association TRIANON show that cooperation of business and a non-profit sphere can bring benefits to all participating parties. Seemingly worthless electrical waste that often contains valued components formed by non-ferrous and precious metals wanders from companies to be disposed. It is not so in case of OKD because its electro waste from its operations will be used further and will provide work for the needy people. A starting project has a positive ecological, financial and social impact.

According to a new concluded agreement, containers with electro waste will be carried away by a civic association TRIANON that is sorting precious metals out of waste in its protected workshop in Český Těšín, which it later sells for further processing. In view of the volume of discarded electrical equipment both from the mines and from surface operations, OKD will create new work places for physically and socially disadvantaged fellow citizens, for whom the company will facilitate a return back to the society. The pilot project is starting at Darkov Mine where the material is prepared to be disposed, other OKD operations will follow.

„We have been considering for a long time what to do with discarding electro waste at OKD. It seemed to us a shame to throw it away or dispose it on standard bases. We believe that equipment often contains metals and other components that can be processed and further used. The proposal was submitted as a part of our internal program of Continuous Improvement and we are glad that it was appreciated at all OKD levels. As far as we are concerned, cooperation with Trianon is meaningful for all parties. We appreciated work of association which is helping disadvantaged people with their work fulfillment and we are glad that we can start cooperating. Organization of the entire project was helped a lot by OKD foundation “Nadace OKD” that used its valued contacts in non-profit sphere. Without it, it would have been much more complicated to organize,“ says Janis Pantadis, Electro Chief of Surface operations at Darkov Mine.

He thinks that also people´s perception has changed. Previously, useless equipment of which fate employees did not think of, is nowadays brought by most of them on their own initiative to allocated places and placed to respective containers.
Thus Trianon takes away disposed circuit breakers, contactors, part of interconnecting cables with connectors, fixed printed circuits and other electro appliances from OKD.

„Times for non-profit sphere are not easy ones so as the situation on the job market even for healthy educated people at their best especially in our region. That is why it is more difficult for socially or physically disadvantaged fellow citizens to assert themselves in the society. We are pleased that miners and their foundation are not indifferent to situation of these people. That is why we appreciate their help. We were surprised how responsibly OKD employees collected huge amount of various types of electro waste and look for ways to its further use,” says the chairman of Trianon, Viliam Šuňal.

He believed that his organization disposes of necessary technology and skilful people who are able to separate valuable parts of diverse parts of equipment. Then, metals are sold to be further processed and this way they gain means for its operation. The volume of electro waste to be processed from OKD operations will lead to creation of other work places for the needy which the association is working on with the employment agencies.