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OKD comes second in the 2009 TOP Philanthropist Competition and also won the “Jumper of the Year“ award

Praha/Ostrava (November 10, 2009) – The OKD mining company came second in the prestigious 2009 TOP Corporate Philanthropist competition that ranks companies according to the donations given by them for public benefit purposes. Since last year, OKD distributes these donations via its corporate foundation. At the same time, the mining company won the “Jumper of the Year“ award that was intended for companies that competed for the first time and won the best awards. Last year, OKD donated a total of CZK 78.5 million for public benefit purposes.


The TOP Philanthropist is the only index in the Czech Republic that, under the auspices of the Donors´ Forum, monitors the social responsibility of the companies.


“It is an important recognition of the path that our company has chosen. To us, the award is both an encouragement and an obligation to think of charity projects and environmental restoration also at the time of economic crisis,“ Petra Mašínová, OKD´s Head of the PR and Communication Department, said. “At the same time, I wish to thank all the miners and other company’s staff. It is thanks to their devoted work that we can help those in need,“ Mrs. Mašínová, added.


The results of the 2009 TOP Philanthropist competition of the largest donors

1. ČEZ Group                         CZK 261.3 million

2. OKD, a.s.                           CZK 78.5 million

3. Česká spořitelna, a.s.        CZK 50.4 million

4. Komerční banka, a.s.         CZK 41.9 million

5. Johnson&Johnson, s.r.o.   CZK 39.4 million


The objective of the TOP Philanthropist event is to recognise companies that consider socially responsible behaviour to be an integral part of their business.


Vladislav Sobol

Spokesman, OKD, a.s. and the OKD Foundation


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