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OKD comes with a new element to improve safety. The pillar of the campaign is the near misses reporting

OKD comes with a new element to improve safety. The pillar of the campaign is the near misses reporting

Karviná (26th January 2014) – OKD introduced its 2015 safety campaign with a motto: The most important thing coming out of the mine is the healthy miner" The key pillar of the campaign whose goal is to accomplish another improvement in occupational safety and to eliminate fatal and serious injuries, is Near Misses reporting. This project started as a pilot project last December and should ensure a complex information system on risky situations when no injury occurs just by coincidence. Subsequently, measures will be accepted that will prevent from their recurrence.

By implementing this program, the company affiliates itself alongside with outstanding world corporations. The system of near misses originates from US aircraft industry in 1970s. Then, it expanded into transportation, health service, medicine and other fields. „One of the most notorious examples used which explains an impact of a minor fault resulting in a disaster with fatal implications, is a case of Challenger space shuttle. In 1986, it exploded with a seven member team on board after a defect caused by faulty „O“rings. Space experts responsible for the flight underestimated this fact and stake the lives of astronauts to an imminent danger,“ says the author of the program – Pavel Zajíček from OKD.

The company ultimately strives to accommodate those employees who are interested in filing suggestions. Therefore it is possible to slot a simple form into a box, send it by email or announce it over the phone. After reporting of all near misses, their root cause analysis will be made and corresponding measures will be adopted so that it prevents from their recurrence. A register of suggestions will be shared across the entire OKD operations so that respective employees could respond accordingly.

„Occupationally, this program is known as an abbreviation 3N (Naštěstí nedošlo k neštěstí) Luckily there was no accident. We created a system by which employees may report their suggestions to real situations that they had witnessed or participated in and only by coincidence no accident, injury or damage on property happened. At the same time, we incentivize employees not to be afraid and report their findings. They may not only preclude their injuries but injuries of colleagues or employees from other operations,“ says Chief Operating Officer of OKD, Pavel Hadrava.

Each month, one employee from each operation will be selected whose suggestion will be evaluated by a committee as the most serious one and he will be awarded by a weekend relaxing stay. Yearly, a prize draw for a weekly stay from all received suggestion will take place.

Marek Síbrt, spokesman of OKD, a.s.