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OKD Company launched the EIA for coal mining in Orlová under Výhoda

ORLOVÁ (7 April 2011) – The representatives of OKD mining company today met the inhabitants of Orlova settlement called Výhoda and described in detail their plans for black coal mining in this location. The coal mining would safeguard the future of the company, the largest employer in the region.


Any potential extraction is subject to the preceding conduct of an environmental impact assessment (EIA) study, signing of agreements with the owners of property in the location, and approval of the proposal for the launch of mining activities. “We will proceed in a transparent manner and we will satisfy all the obligations imposed upon us by law. Once the mining operations are terminated, the whole territory will be reclaimed so that it can serve people again,“ added Tabášek.


Prior to any potential launch of mining operations, the company wishes to reach an agreement with all the property owners in line with all the alternatives provided for by the mining act, namely the ongoing removal of damages, the buyout of property, or building a new house.  “We certainly wish to reach a fair agreement with each owner,“ explained Radim Tabášek, the OKD's Chief Human Resources Officer.


OKD intends to extract approximately 10 million tonnes of coal under Výhoda settlement and the mining operations should start roughly in 2016.


The OKD company offers job opporutnities to almost 18 thousand of its own employees and employees of suppliers whom they contract for coal mining works. Dozens of thousands of other jobs in regional companies, including leading metallurgical and power generation corporations, depend on mining operations.


Vladislav Sobol

OKD, a.s. spokesman


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