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OKD company succeeded in the TOP Responsible company 2012 contest

OKD company succeeded in the TOP Responsible company 2012 contest

Prague/Ostrava (November 11, 2012) – The OKD company scored in the TOP Responsible Company national contest in which the company's approach to corporate social responsibility and sustainable business are assessed. The mining company ranked first in the category of Company and town for its project called The Living Housing Estate and second among the largest company donors and also in the main category which considers the overall approach of companies to the environment, employees and the region. The jury acknowledged also other OKD activities such as the Srdcovka project of grants for employees and a new approach of miners to reclamation characterised by the development of a new golf course at the site formerly affected by coal mining.


“Acknowledged should be first and foremost the miners and other employees since thanks to their responsible approach to extremely demanding work the company as a whole can be responsible. We would also like to thank all the companies and non-profit organisations who have joined us in the efforts to improve life in the Moravia-Silesia region“, stated Petra Mašínová, the Chief PR and Communications Officer and also the Chairwoman of the OKD Foundation Managing Board.


Despite the challenging economic situation faced also by the mining industry, the OKD company donated almost CZK 80 million to public service projects in 2011. Most of the funds were distributed through its foundation to the support of disabled persons, children, seniors and environment, additional funds were channelled to sponsoring of important cultural events or to support of sports. Thus, the OKD company ranked second among the largest donors in the Czech Republic after ČEZ.


By making the OKD company the winner in the category of Company and town, the jury acknowledged the unprecedented OKD approach to the improvement of living in housing estates. Over 50 interested persons have applied under our new programme called The Living Housing Estate, from whom we selected the best 5 projects, two of which focused on Orlová. We aim to support the active inhabitants of housing estates who do not rely on authorities and wish to do something for their community. In Orlová, for example, the renovation of a dilapidated open-air cinema and the transformation of an unused garden of the former kindergarten into a leisure time premises serving all generations were launched “, added Ms Mašínová.


The company ranked second among 80 companies from all over the Czech Republic. “It is a significant acknowledgement of activities on which ever more stress has been put by us recently. We do know that the OKD business steps in the life of virtually all the inhabitants of the region. In almost every family there is someone who works, worked or will work for OKD company. We are the largest company in Northern Moravia and one of the largest companies in the country which means huge responsibility. We care about the appearance of the region, and also about what it is like to live and work there“, noted Ms Mašínová. Together with the mining company, Skanska (ranked 1st) and Siemens made it to the winner's podium in this category.


The TOP Responsible Company is the only contest in the Czech Republic which, under the auspices of the Byznys for Society platform, closely monitors the corporate social responsibility and awards those companies which consider the socially responsible activities to be an integral part of their corporate culture.


TOP Responsible Company 2012 – summary of results


The largest corporate donor

1. ČEZ                                                 CZK 376.8 mil.

2. OKD                                                 CZK 79.9 mil.

3. Československá obchodní banka    CZK 55.9 mil.

4. Telefónica Czech Republic               CZK 49.4 mil.

5. Johnson & Johnson                         CZK 26.0 mil.

6. Česká pojišťovna                             CZK 18.7 mil.

7. AHOLD Czech Republic                  CZK 17.5 mil.

8. Vodafone Czech Republic                CZK 11.7 mil.

9. Provident Financial                           CZK  9.9 mil.

10. GlaxoSmithKline                             CZK  7.3 mil.


Award for a large company for socially responsible approach to business

  1. Skanska
  2. OKD
  3. Siemens
  4. dm drogerie markt
  5. Nutricia
  6. ČEZ
  7. IBM Česká republika
  8. ČSAD Havířov
  10. SITA CZ





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