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OKD Corporation opened its Recruitment & Employee Center in Karviná

OKD Corporation opened its Recruitment & Employee Center in Karviná

Offering quality employment to new arrivals as well as more comfort to present employees

OSTRAVA (16 September 2008) – OKD Mining Corporation opened its Recruitment & Employee Center at Karviná today. This will upgrade the company's contacts with those interested in working for OKD. In the future, the Center also will offer its services to the present employees, making it possible for them e.g. to deal with their agendas such as various certificates and documents, without the bother of having to contact the mine headquarters offices.


„By opening the OKD Recruitment & Employee Center we follow the path already taken by modern firms worldwide. We realize that people are our greatest asset. What we want is to communicate with those interested in taking a job even before they are hired, so that we can learn to know them better and, at the same time, acquaint them with our company and with the working conditions,“ Miloslava Trgiňová the Director of Finance and Personnel and also Vice-Chairperson of the OKD Board of Directors explained the new activity.


OKD's Personnel Department staffers have had a lot to do during the last weeks. In July there were 267 people interested in taking up mining work, more than twice as many as during the foregoing months. In August their number rose to 343, nearly tripling the former average figure. A total of 64 new arrivals took employment with the company during the first month of holidays, and this was topped by 120 new arrivals in the second month. Thanks to this the OKD headcount in terms of the month-on-month figures has risen for the first time, after years of steady decline. (It was 15,030 at the end of July, and 15,331 at the end of August.)


In stepwise fashion, OKD Corporation intends also to extend the offer of the Center's services to its present employees. „People will no longer be required to go to the mines just to hand in their sick leave slips or for example, to get their average earnings certificates. It will be much simpler and more convenient for them to submit their requests at the Recruitment & Employee Center,“ explained OKD's Deputy Director of Finance and Personnel, Libor Dürrer. At the Center, OKD will also have detailed information ready for primary school pupils interested in apprenticeships to train for U/G mechanics or U/G electricians. Apprenticeships for these professions will open at the Secondary School of Technology and Services in Karviná starting the forthcoming school year. Also, those interested will find further information on OKD at the new premises, including a presentation of the sponsoring and charity activities of the mining company.


OKD Corporation has a workforce of more than 15 thousand, plus nearly 1,400 additional employees in its subsidiary companies. Also, some 3,500 staff from various subcontractors take part in coal mining work. Stone coal is mined by OKD predominantly in the Karviná region, namely, at the Karviná, Darkov, and ČSM Mines, and in the district of Frýdek-Místek, at Paskov Mine. In 2007 the average wages at OKD were CZK 29,135 Kč.


OKD Corporation is owned by New World Resources N. V. of the Netherlands.