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OKD employees shall get service vouchers this year for the first time

OSTRAVA (February 13, 2009) – Social policy and company bonus payments at OKD are subject to a revolutionary change. Whereas before, individual mines were receiving financial funds that they distributed in cooperation with trade unions to the employees for social, working, sports and cultural events, now every employee of the company shall get a voucher that s/he can use according to his/her sole discretion. The voucher value will vary from CZK 2,400 to CZK 5,600 based on the number of years worked for the company. These rules were stipulated in the new part of the Collective Agreement valid since this January.


“Up to now, every mine was receiving CZK 2,400 per employee every year and the decision on their distribution was made upon an agreement with trade unionists. Starting this year, these funds will be distributed in the form of universal vouchers from OKD for each and every employee who will then decide what s/he will use the money for,“ explained Vladimír Krátký, Deputy to CF/HRO.


Employee bonus pay-out in the form of vouchers becomes more and more popular in modern companies. Vouchers can be used for vacation downpayment, sports services such as swimming-pool of fit-centre card, cultural activities or specific health care. Provider of OKD vouchers will be selected in a tender.


“Conditions for voucher assignment will be identical to the conditions for acknowledgement of vacation or Christmas bonus, that is working the defined minimum shifts and no unexcused absence.” specified Mr. Krátký.


OKD is still negotiating the new Collective Agreement including pay clause. The agreement should be signed by the end of March after coal contracts are signed with customers.


(Vladislav Sobol)