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OKD employees sorted out their wardrobes and donated winter clothes to persons in need

OSTRAVA (9 November, 2010) – The OKD employees proved once again that they can help people faced with difficult life situations and do need some help. The OKD Foundation held a winter clothing collection for Charity Ostrava. Since winter is coming, the clothing will be used primarily for homeless people visiting low threshold facilities run by Charity Ostrava.


Apart from the mining company employees, clothing was also donated by partners of the Foundation, families of individual employees or readers of the Horník weekly. “With winter approaching, we regularly hold public collections of clothing. In the history of company charity, however, I do not recollect such a high degree of solidarity as in case of the collection organised for us by the OKD Foundation,“ says Martin Pražák, the director of Charity Ostrava.

A van full of winter jackets and coats, sweaters, sweatshirts, caps and boots from the OKD Foundation headed for Charity Ostrava. People also brought bed linen, T-shirts and shirts. The Charity Ostrava staff shall distribute the clothing to all their low threshold facilities providing services primarily to the homeless and the sanctuary for mothers with children in need.


A part of the clothes will be delivered to the Charitable Home of St. Benedict Labre in Vítkovice, providing services to homeless people, another part shall be donated to the sanctuary for mothers with children in need of the Charitable Home of St. Zdislava in Zábřeh, while the rest will go to the Vitkovice lodging house and the night shelter for the homeless of the Charitable Home of St. Francesco.

“We are very grateful to the OKD Foundation for the cooperation which has been going on ever since 2008. It is encouraging to know that other people or organisations think of you and endeavour to selflessly support the charity work in favour of people in need, who are becoming ever more vulnerable with winter approaching,“ adds Mr. Pražák.

This event was triggered by the previous successful clothing collection for sheltered workshops of the Association TRIGON, employing persons with physical and mental disabilities, conducted during the summer 2010. “Having gained this experience, we knew that the OKD employees do care, can show solidarity and give a helping hand to those who need it. The collection for  Charity Ostrava has confirmed that. Not only OKD employees brought the clothes. Also coming were many readers of the Horník weekly, in which information on the collection was published, or those who were told about it by their family members or friends. When people feel that they can help a good cause, they do not hesitate and get involved. That is an encouragement that gives us energy to continue organising similar events,“ states Zuzana Macháčková from the OKD Foundation.



Vladislav Sobol

OKD Foundation spokesman


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