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OKD Foundation and OKD employees support the families of victims deceased at Handlová Mine

Ostrava (August 12, 2009) – With a deep sorrow, we are expressing our sincerest sympathies with the families of miners who died during the mine tragedy on Monday in Handlová, Slovakia.


In expression of solidarity with our fellow miners, OKD Foundation decided to offer a financial contribution of CZK 400,000 (CZK 20,000 per family) to the families of the deceased miners.


You can also express the solidarity with your Slovakian colleagues via the bank account of the Civic Association helping Orphans and Widows (Občianské združenie na pomoc sirotám a vdovám). Any financial contributions are to be sent at the below mentioned bank account.


OKD Foundation Team


IBAN : 7756000000009043784002
Bank : DEXIA Banka Slovensko, a.s.
Bank Account :  9043784002/5600