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OKD has a new head of the Board of Directors

OKD has a new head of the Board of Directors

Zdeněk Bakala was replaced as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of OKD by Klaus-Dieter Beck. Bakala together with Peter Kadas are still members of the board. In the recent weeks Lajos Varga and Michael Jasanský resigned from the board. "We tried to acquire Klaus-Dieter for OKD for several years, that is why we are so pleased he eventually met our wishes and decided to dedicate his career to Ostrava," Zdeněk Bakala informed the press in this context..


My partner Peter Kadas and I have now stepped back naturally to the role of board members and asked Klaus-Dieter to become the chairman. We would hardly find a better professional with such international reputation who could rise to such a role."

"It is our intention to gradually consolidate the role of the Board of Directors in the everyday management of the company," Zdeněk Bakala added.

Klaus-Dieter Beck (52) worked as manager for exploitation in the Ruhrkohle Bergbau company from 1996 to 1998, then he was the vice-president of the Riverton Coal mining company. From 1999 he acted as the vice-president for planning and engineering in the coal company Foundation Coal Holdings.