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OKD has acknowledged safe work

OKD has acknowledged safe work

KARVINÁ (30th July 2014) – Safety and health of employees is a priority for OKD and the company is implementing a whole of measures in order for the injuries to further decrease. Employees who work safely and respect their own health can be appreciated by the management. This time, the company recognized crews who were working with the lowest number of injuries in the first half of the year.

The LW crews (areas of production) working most safely from each mine received an award of CZK 50 000. Four development crews that prepare a new mining workings for mining, received CZK 25 000. It applies to all who were working without any injury. The same amount like for development crews was allocated to the set-up crews who are installing technology before actual mining and moving out the technology to other areas.

„Development of key safety indicators shows that adopted measures lead to a right direction. There is still long way to go in order to reach our goal: an injury free operation. What we have to focus on more intensively is a personal approach of each and every employee leading to safe behavior and principles of safe work. Most injuries actually when a human factor fails and when the rules are not adhered to. When working, we have to bear in mind our own safety but also health of our colleagues,“ Pavel Hadrava, COO of OK says.

In the long term, the number of injuries is decreasing at OKD. While in 2005, the company reported 869 injuries leading to absence from work, in 2009 there were 346 injuries and last year there were 208. In the course of the first six months, OKD reported 95 injuries.

Apart from technical measures leading to greater work safety and improvement of working environment at OKD, the company implements a whole range of initiatives whose goal is to increase responsibility of employees for their own health and the health of their colleagues.

All employees who work in a given year without any injury, they are included in a raffle at each mine to win holidays abroad worth CZK 50 000, 30 000 a 20 000. As a part of a motivation campaign “Safe working area”, on quarterly bases at each mining units, there are crews appraised who keep order in their work places, entries and eliminate risks caused by an inappropriate work status.
Around one third of suggestions for improvement concerning safety is submitted as a part of Continuous Improvement Program, where employees are also financially rewarded based on the contribution. A close attention is paid to work safety by means of an internal magazine Horník.

„The most important thing coming out of the mine is the miner. We always have to bear this slogan in mind, because neither economic results nor the mined tonnage can ever replace health and safety of our colleagues. We must do everything in order for all of us to be returning home safe to our family and friend,” closes MD of OKD, Dale R. Ekmark.