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OKD has concentrated its energy activities into NWR Energy

Ostrava (15 December 2008) – OKD, the mining company, has concentrated all its energy activities into its subsidiary joint-stock company NWR Energy. The newly formed company will centrally ensure the electricity, heat, natural gas and compressed air production, distribution, purchase and sale for the whole Czech part of the NWR Group.


OKD has transferred its energy assets, activities and employees, dealing with the energy sector, to the new company from all its mines, former Business Units “Energetika” and “Procurement” and BASTRO, a subsidiary company. Within the concentration of energy assets, a 100 % ownership interest in CZECH-KARBON, a subsidiary company, has also been transferred to NWR Energy. The new company, whose sole owner is New World Resources, currently employs some 340 people.


“It is a system step, which we have prepared a few months. It aims at optimizing the energy commodity business within NWR Group to ensure even a higher efficiency of the energy sector in our mining group,“ said Ján Fabián, Chief Development and Strategy Officer and Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of OKD, being also the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the newly formed company.


The consolidation and externalization of the energy sector from OKD is another step to make the NWR organization structure more transparent. At the same time, it is another important milestone for OKD, which will particularly focus on the coal mining in the future and will not be burdened with other activities.


New World Resources (NWR)

The company, having its registered office in Amsterdam, is the sole owner of OKD, a. s., the largest hard coal mining company in the Czech Republic and one of the largest coal producers in Central Europe from the perspective of revenues and production volume. Apart from OKD and the newly formed company NWR Energy, NWR Group also includes OKD, OKK, the coking company and  KARBONIA PL, dealing with development projects in Poland.


Number of OKD Employees

At the beginning of December 2008, the company employed some 15,100 people.