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OKD has joined Mining Union

OKD has joined Mining Union

OSTRAVA (22nd April 2008) – OKD, joint-stock company, keeps enhancing its open and transparency policy. The most recent act in this field is the cooperation with the Mining Union (MU), a specialized body representing miners, universities, museums and mining equipment manufacturers. “Mining Union’s General Meeting has officially approved the admission of OKD into regular membership last week,” said Petra Mašínová, OKD CPRO, who has also become a MU director.


Within the key activities of MU, there are trainings and workshops provided to expert public as well as the cooperation with government authorities on amendment of acts and regulations. “In the current quick times loaded with information, even competitors must cooperate. I believe that our membership will be beneficial for OKD as well as for other members of the Mining Union. For example, we can follow together the most recent scientific knowledge in our field of expertise and coordinate its implementation,” Mrs. Mašínová explained one of the reasons of the Northern-Moravian miners to join the union. Thanks to the membership, OKD would like to “reduce the debt” that mining companies have towards the public as concerns communication and awareness.


Mining Union management welcomes OKD’s admission. “It is a key break-through in the membership structure as you and another new member, Gemec-Union, are the first representatives of companies involved in mining, processing or distribution of energy raw materials. Other members focus in particular on non-energy raw materials. On top of this, OKD is the most important employer within the Czech mining industry in this field,” stated Milena Šandová, MU CEO, on the importance of OKD’s admission.


Mining Union was established in 1990 associating currently 98 members. Since 2004, MU has become a member of Euromines – European Association of Mining Industries, Ores and Mineral Resources – actively cooperating on lobbying within EU legislation processes and the implementation of European legislation under Czech legal standards.


OKD employs more than 15,000 people and further almost 1,500 employees in its subsidiaries. Coal production in OKD is also provided by approximately 3,500 contractors. Hard coal is mined at Karviná Mine at their sites Lazy and ČSA on the borders between Karviná and Orlová as well as at ČSM Mine and Darkov Mine in Karviná District and at Paskov Mine in Frýdek-Místek District. The average salary in OKD in 2007 equaled CZK 29,135.


OKD is held by the Dutch company New World Resources B. V.