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OKD has reached an agreement with the municipality of Karviná to pursue cooperation

OKD has reached an agreement with the municipality of Karviná to pursue cooperation

OSTRAVA (16th June 2008) – The cooperation between OKD and the town of Karviná is being developed to mutual satisfaction. Klaus-Dieter Beck, OKD CEO, and Tomáš Hanzel, Mayor of Karviná, have signed an agreement on the protection of real estates and interests of the town of Karviná facilitating further coal mining as well as minimization of the impacts of mining activities on the town and its citizens.


The mining company has promised, among others, to transfer the Družba community centre e.g. to the municipal assets. This building is located in the town centre. This community centre belonged until now to OKD and it will be exchanged for currently owned municipal lands affected by mining activities. Karviná Municipality is welcoming this trade-off; it is planning to restore the now deteriorating community centre its former popularity and fame. “The community centre needs to be renovated and we would be glad to have our own place to organize great cultural events, balls and other activities again,” Tomáš Hanzel, Mayor of Karviná, is welcoming the agreement


The company has also entered into a partnership on a project aiming to build a golf course in the Lipiny location and to reclaim other areas affected by mining. “These plans are great; I assume that golf could be played there already in spring of 2010,” commented Mr. Hanzel with the fact that the agreement has now only confirmed what OKD had promised and presented last autumn.


Under this agreement, OKD will also pay attention to reclamation works in other Karviná areas affected by mining. “We are glad to become good partners who are able to meet each other’s wishes. Following our international experience we know that coal production does not have to be a nuisance to the people. Having a stable company in the vicinity provides a guarantee of development to the town and social security to its citizens,” said Mr. Klaus-Dieter Beck, OKD CEO. “Karviná Municipality is well aware of the fact that mining represents and will represent one of the most stable job opportunities in the Karviná district; on the other hand, the local administration authority has to attend to the minimization of the impact of mining onto people’s life. We are glad that the mining company is very helpful in this respect and that the region starts to get back what mining activities have previously taken away from it,” added the Mayor.