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OKD Mining Festival at Karviná: The only concert of Korn and Vondráčková this year, Májovák band, Nightwork, a show for kids and charitable events

KARVINÁ (31st August 2010) – A show which Karviná has not seen for a long time. There will be three stages where the music stars led by Jiří Korn and Helena Vondráčková will sing and characters close to children's hearts will play in the Magical Nursery of Michal Nesvadba. At the square and in Božena Němcová's Park dozens of projects supported by the OKD Foundation will be presented and Barborka will organise the “Best Cake” competition. There will be a lot to eat and drink. This is part of the OKD Mining Festival in September which is now in preparation and focuses on miners, their families and friends and residents of the Karviná region in general.


„We tried to put together a programme which miners and their family would like. We managed to persuade Helena Vondráčková and Jiří Korn to perform together which is their only concert this year with the exception of musicals where they will sing together. The concert of Martin Chodúr, whose father works in our sister company OKK Koksovny, will also be a special event,“ said the Chief Public Relations & Communication Officer of OKD Petra Mašínová.


Worship and entertainment

The Festival will start with a miners´service at the Povýšení  sv. Kříže Church on Saturday, 4th September at noon. Then the Festival will unfold with the music of the Májovák brass band (amphitheatre)  at 13:00 followed by the Doga band at 13:30  (main stage in the park). At the same time the programme in the square will start too where there will be children´s choirs and the popular “Ondruš” brass band of miners (14:30). There will also be other singers and performers on stage such as Vilém Čok with his band “Bypass”, then “Turbo”, Zdeněk Izer, Guločar and “Rock and Roll Band” of  Marcel Woodman. And of course the stars – Korn and Vondráčková, Chodúr and “Nightwork” - the popularity of which is increasing - with Vojta Dyk. The last band playing on the main stage – “Arakain” – will have synchronised fireworks in the introduction.


Those who like to help can also find something interesting. Both in the square and in the park they can learn more about the activities of more than thirty not-for-profit organisations which are supported by the OKD Foundation and perhaps they could agree with them on some co-operation. And everybody can perform charitable deeds on the spot. „We are preparing the traditional “Best Cake” competition. We are looking forward to many entries and visitors buying many of them as the entire proceeds go to the orphans of miners,“ explained the Mums´ committee chief Marta Szamaránská from the Civic Association of St. Barbara.


OKD Mining Festival Program

Karviná, Saturday, 4th September


The Povýšení sv. Kříže Church

12:00 miners´service


Main Stage

(Božena Němcová´s Park)


13:30    Doga

14:50    Vilém Čok with BYPASS band

16:15    Turbo

17:45    Nightwork

19:15    Helena Vondráčková and Jiří Korn

20:30    Arakain


Amphitheatre Stage

(open-air cinema)


13:00    Májovák

14:45    Michal Nesvadba

15:45    Zdeněk Izer

16:30    “Best Cake” competition evaluation

16:40    Martin Chodúr

18:00    Guločar

19:30    “Rock and Roll Band” of Marcel Woodman


OKD Foundation Stage

(Masaryk Square)


13:00    Performance for kids

13:00    Fusion Karviná

13:40    Dance Company Bedřiška

14:05    Vzájemné soužití

14:30    Ondruš Brass Band

15:45    Podané ruce

16:05    Nicola´s Dance Unico

16:35    SVČ Juventus

17:15    Šikulové na cestách

18:45    Secondary School of Technology and Services Karviná


Vladislav Sobol, OKD, a.s., spokesperson


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The hard coal mining company OKD of New World Resources Group is the biggest employer in North Moravia with its 14,000 people and more than 3000 others working for its contractors in coal mining. Each pit also create thousand of jobs in other companies which supply goods and services to OKD. In 2008 the OKD Foundation was established into which the company contributes one per cent of the profit before tax annually. In two years of its existence the Foundation distributed about CZK 100 million to non-for-profit organisations and communities.