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OKD patrols bought-out houses against vandals in Karviná-Staré Město

OKD patrols bought-out houses against vandals in Karviná-Staré Město

Karviná (23rd April 2014) – OKD heard out requests of the city of Karviná and inhabitants of Karviná-Staré Město and began securing bought-out and abandoned houses in the area which has become a targets of raids of criminals and vandals. The system will instantly enable responding to illegal conduct and should put a stop to it. In consequence of the development project of Karviná Mine, the goal of the mining company and the city is not to lower the quality of life of the citizens in Staré Město.

Security system which was developed by a private agency is based on the detailed monitoring of abandoned buildings. CCTV recording is interconnected with the security agency that has a possibility to instantly respond in case of intrusion into the building and intervene against thieves and vandals in cooperation with the Police and the Municipal Police of Karviná.


OKD began with the buy-outs in Staré Město in 2012 in connection with the intention to extend mining of Karviná Mine to new areas in order to prolong its lifetime and secure work for several thousands of residents of Karviná district. Due to extremely efficient measures, the company suspended buy-outs in 2013 and is currently working on completion of contractual buy-outs, carries out necessary demolitions and maintains the bought land parcels.


„We have reached an agreement on resolving property claims with about 100 homeowners in Karviná-Staré Město. Their demolitions gradually take place and we always aim to implement them as quickly as possible so as not to give chance to vandals looting. In connection with our intentions, we exert not to impair the quality of life of people in the area. At present, we intensively work on necessary paperwork to issue demolition orders for additional houses. The security system should discourage vandals, who intrude the houses before all formalities are resolved, to carry out demolitions,” Pavel Hadrava, COO of OKD said.


The Lord Mayor of Karviná, Tomáš Hanzel also appreciated the rapidity of OKD in implementing the measures. „Our City Police come to Staré Měso several times a day but we cannot afford to provide a non-stop duty there. That is why we insisted on OKD introducing measures which would efficiently protect bought-out houses in the area and thus protect citizens of Staré Město. It is good that the mining company has realized that and found a quick solution,” the Lord Mayor, Tomáš Hanzel said, noting that the city would gladly accept if the buy-outs are restored from residents who are interested in selling their properties.

„Duty in Staré Město has been yet reinforced, at night we use patrols with dogs. We are virtually in constant contact with local residents and we cooperate with the Czech Police,” added the Director of Karviná Police, Jaroslav Novotný.


„We have been working in the long term with OKD in this area and as a result we managed to eliminate breakages into uninhabited houses. We have used positive experience in cooperation with the security agency which covers other company assets. We are in regular contact and pass on necessary information,“ said the Head of the Regional Department of Karviná Police, Miloš Pollak. Head of the District Police, Jaroslav Sarčák added: „We pay due attention to Staré Město. Policemen from District Department of Karivná 1 solved 11 cases of property nature just in the first quarter of this year, 5 of which have been already resolved. We accept any impulse of breach of law, none is left unnoticed.”


According to assumptions, mining of Karviná Mine in new areas should commence at the earliest in 2016. OKD is currently preparing a comprehensive dossier to assess the impact of mining on the environment (so called EIA), which should be sent to the Ministry of Environment till the mid of this year. The company has to deal with suggestions from state bodies, local administration, civic associations and individuals which is the necessary prerequisite for the start of possible mining together with other legislative conditions.


Marek Síbrt, spokesman of OKD, a.s.