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OKD publishes best company newspaper in the Czech Republic

OKD publishes best company newspaper in the Czech Republic

Ostrava (14th February 2014) – The first year of Fénix content marketing has awarded Horník newspaper to be the best company newspaper in the Czech Republic. A weekly newspaper published for miners in a circulation of 21 000 by R MEDIA company has won in B2E category, that is to say, in the category Newspaper for employees. The winner was selected by an expert committee consisting of 25 members divided into five independent juries with experts from the media. In a strong competition, Horník defeated company newspapers from companies such as ArcelorMittal Ostrava or Albert.


„The title of the contest stems from two concepts. Fénix is a mythological figure that implies to a rebirth of thoughts. Similarly to mythical Fénix that always raises from ashes so do the great minds of creative people to always come up with new concepts, ideas, and campaigns. That is to say Fénix is a symbol of a creative part of the contest,” Kateřina Borovanská said on behalf of the contest organizers that announced winners in a total of 15 categories.  


Horník, a weekly newspaper is read not only by OKD employees, their families and friends. It also has its readers among contractor companies and other industrial companies or among mining pensioners and former company employees. On its eight coloured pages it brings weekly news about company life, news from the region, non-profit organizations supported by OKD foundation and regional sports. There is also a special page designated for Polish readers, especially from the OKD contractor companies and also citizens from the Czech-Polish border area.


„Horník is a key and inseparable part of our communication with the employees. The mining world has dramatically changed over the last two years and it is undergoing one of the most difficult periods over the last several decades. This has naturally impacted us as well. We find an internal newspaper to be an important tool which can help us bring our employees undistorted information about changes that OKD is presently undergoing. At the same time, we are trying to insert everything within a broader context and show readers that the hard coal crisis is not just a specific issue of OKD but that it concerns companies in the whole world,“  Petr Jonák, External Director of OKD said.


„Thanks especially belong to the journalists. Their work varies from the common idea of a journalist writing at his desk in the comforts of the office to spending a significant amount of time at sites, either on the surface work sections or hundreds of meters below together with miners,“ David Švábenický, Director of R MEDIA company explains.

An archive of all weekly issues of Horník can be found at


Marek Síbrt, spokesman of OKD, a.s.