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OKD receives international award for communication with the public

OKD receives international award for communication with the public

OSTRAVA (9 October 2009) – The mining company OKD has achieved success with its communication projects at the international festival in Portoroz, Slovenia.  For its 2008 recruitment campaign, the company obtained the prestigious Golden Drum award, beating 116 projects from around the globe. The company’s information campaign on publicly beneficial activities and on the founding of the OKD Foundation reached the finals in the Public Relations category. The company worked with the agency Bison & Rose on both projects.


The victorious OKD recruitment campaign was based on the motto “We’re looking for guys who make a team”. The company asked its employees to recommend employment at OKD to their friends and acquaintances. This way, OKD acquired several hundred new miners and mining specialists, and saved significantly on their recruitment.  Employees, both present and new, who took part in the project, received attractive bonuses from the company while the costs for acquiring one new worker did not exceed CZK 3000. OKD also presented itself to the public as a promising company which supports mining training systems and selected fields of study at universities, and also offers very attractive work opportunities.


"OKD is one of the largest and most successful companies not only in the Czech Republic, but also in the whole of Central Europe. We’ve proven that we’re a match for our European competitors not only in coal mining, the improvement of safety and implementation of new technology, but also in other areas of our work,” stated Petra Mašínová, Director of PR and communication, when picking up the award. “We would never have received this honour without the help of all employees who helped us in our search last year for new “guys” for our mining operations,” she added.


116 projects competed in the same category, of which 12 were from the Czech Republic. Thirty six projects from across Europe and abroad made the shortlist, of which 5 were Czech. Besides OKD, also the companies AAA Auto, Hill’s and System ABC stood a good chance of winning.


The jury consisted of professionals from the entire world with experience in the sector. In the area of PR, the jury selected the best projects in view of their demonstrably effective results, while emphasising also strategic approach, original thinking and integrity. The organiser of this globally respected festival, which is supported by the Slovenian Association of Advertising Agencies and other partners, is the company Golden Drum. The festival has its ambassadors in most of Central and Eastern Europe. It was established in 1994 with the aim of presenting advertising projects from "New Europe" and within a span of 15 years it gained its deserved international renown.



Vladislav Sobol, spokesperson, OKD, a.s.



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Video (35 MB) presented at the International Festival in Portoroz, Slovenia is available here.


The victorious OKD recruitment campaign was based on the motto “We’re looking for guys who make a team”