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OKD Reopens the Employees´ Centre at Karviná

Ostrava (20 August 2009) – OKD Company reopens its Employees´ Centre at Karviná-Nové Městé. The company plans to recruit qualified people for its mining operations.

As Libor Dürrer, OKD’s deputy Finance and HR Director, stated, the mines will have to recruit more than 200 miners by the end of 2009. „Our company is particularly interested in qualified miners for coal winning and preparatory works, mine mechanics and electricians,“ added Dürrer. „All qualified men have a great opportunity to get a job, especially those who are skilled mechanics and electricians. We are ready to train them very quickly for their job in the mines. The condition for successful recruitment is good health and willingness to work,“ he said.


The average salary in OKD significantly exceeds the regional average and the OKD company also offers other benefits to its future employees – contributions to a supplementary pension fund, the possibility to get housing under favourable conditions, 6 weeks holiday and others. The Company also has the families of its employees in mind – their children can get involved in the OKD Academy Project, which offers scholarships and other grants to support students at technical schools and universities. OKD is a company with a focus on the future and therefore it invests in new technologies, implements new safety measures and procures the most advanced personal protective aids.

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