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OKD’s subsidiary CZECH-KARBON will supply power to Ostrava

OKD’s subsidiary CZECH-KARBON will supply power to Ostrava

Ostrava (12th June) – OKD subsidiary CZECH KARBON will next year cover power supplies to Ostrava Municipality and its organizations such as elementary schools, the Zoo or municipal culture facilities. “We have won the job order in an electronic auction where the price of electricity was the decisive factor,” explained Petr Havlíček, CZECH KARBON executive manager.


“With respect to the total volumes of our sales it will not mean any significant revenue increase, nevertheless we understand the power supply to Ostrava Municipality to be a prestigious job that we regard highly,” explained Mr. Havlíček.

CZECH-KARBON has become a successful company in the recent years. In 2006, it sold electricity worth almost CZK two billion and its revenues increased by more than 70 percent last year. “These good results are based in particular on the very successful deals both abroad and in the Czech Republic, efficient hedging and the positive development trend in power prices on European markets,” Alice Moháčová, who is managing the company in team with Mr. Havlíček, has assessed the last year’s results. They manage together only 11 employees so the work productivity per one employee is extraordinary.


Whereas in past the company supplied power mostly to OKD Group, the number of customers grew step by step and now the supplies out of OKD Group represent almost a half of the total revenues. The most important customers are Siemens Group, AL INVEST Břidličná, Vítkovice, BERNARD Family Brewery or BOHEMIA SEKT and many other companies in the automotive or manufacturing industry. CZECH-KARBON has good references in the health care system as well supplying power to Karviná Mining Hospital, University Hospital in Olomouc and four large health care facilities in the Zlín Region.