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OKD succeeds in “Golden Semicolon“ prestigious contest

OSTRAVA (16 April 2009) – OKD, the mining company, gained a few significant Awards in the nationwide contest of “Golden Semicolon 2008”, which is considered by experts to be the most prestigious Award for corporate printed matters and Internet websites. The OKD Foundation publication ranked as the second winner in the Corporate Profile contest category, and the Contest Jury awarded special Certificates to the Horník weekly, Internet website of and Annual Report for their quality. On Thursday evening, the Awards were received by Petra Mašínová, Chairwoman of the Board of Directors of OKD Foundation and Chief PR and Communication Officer of OKD.


The OKD Foundation publication, titled “Life Should Have Depth”, was issued by the miners for their new foundation a year ago at the commencement of activities of their charity organization. “We have been using the brochure up to now because it includes all important information on our vision and specific plans. The Contest Jury was probably also intrigued by the non-traditional graphical design,“ Blanka Týřová, the Foundation Director expressed her pleasure at the success.


The “TOP Rated Award” (High Professional Level Certificate) was granted to the OKD website, which was provided with a new design and content last year and which also scored in the WebTop100 Contest, where the OKD website ranked as the second winner in the Energy Industry category.


The “Rated Award” (Professional Level Certificate) was granted to the Horník weekly in Prague. “Last year, we worked on the Horník weekly development very much. It is not only the editorial team that deserves the Award because tens, probably even hundreds of people of the individual mines who participate in the creation of the Horník weekly articles also deserve this Award,“ said Vladislav Sobol, Chairman of the Executive Editorial Board of the Horník weekly. The Horník is issued in a number of 28,500 copies every week, free of charge for all employees and sympathizers of OKD.


The Rated Award was also granted to the OKD Annual Report for 2007. “Whereas the previous Annual Reports only contained mandatory data, which were put therein without any second thought, last year we made great efforts to prepare this publication. The demanding miner’s work deserves proper presentation. This Award, as well as the other ones, does not only belong to our Department, but actually to all the employees who help through their work change OKD into a modern and transparent company,“ Mrs. Mašínová summarized the current success.


The Golden Semicolon contest is organized by the PR Club, civil association under the auspices of the PR Agency Association, Marketing Magazine and Strategy Magazine, Czech Marketing Association and other partners.


Vladislav Sobol, Spokesman, OKD, a.s.