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OKD Turned Mining-Affected Area Into Golf Course

OKD Turned Mining-Affected Area Into Golf Course
Karviná (April 18, 2012) – The OKD Mining Company completed the reclamation of an extensive area situated between the Karviná and Darkov Mines. On a territory previously affected by mining where the impact of mining operations has been visible until recently, an outdoor resort with an eighteen-hole golf course suitable for both professional players and mere amateurs has been built. Due to the friendly terms and prices, anyone interested can try out this sport in the public section of the course.

Experienced golfers will discover the intricacies of the Master Course which is one of the longest in Europe with its 3567 meters, but virtually everyone can test their gift for golf in the Public Course. Although the Public Course is intended for beginners, it prides itself on highly adequate parameters and a length of 1549 m. Unlike in comparable courses, the game on the Public Course is extremely affordable; on weekdays it costs 100 crowns and on Saturdays and Sundays 50 crowns more.

The Master Course will open to the public on April 20, 2012. The Public Course will probably be in service from July. Details and current information can be found at

“The golf course is one of the alternatives how to use land affected by coal mining. We expect that in the future some undermined areas will turn into more sports and recreational zones. Due to OKD reclamation projects, previously unused sites gradually begin to serve the residents,“ said Radim Tabášek, OKD Chief HR and Mining District Development Officer.

At Lipiny, reclamation work began in 1998 and the land use has led to much debate. Under the original plan, a plot of arable land had to be the outcome of the reclamation; at a later stage, afforestation was mentioned. Finally, the municipal council opted for a terrain modelling solution intended for golf or motocross. The final decision to build a golf course was made in 2007. Lipiny is a prime example of cooperation between a mining company and a mining town; the golf course itself situated in a unique environment within eye shot of head frames was built by OKD. For its part, the City of Karviná plans to build new trails for in-line skaters and cyclists in the adjoining area that would connect Lipiny with the Darkovské moře complex. Thus, southwest of the city, there will be a vast area intended for recreation and leisure activities.

At the golf course, the mining company prepares several innovative projects, too. For example, in cooperation with the OKD Foundation and the City of Karvina they prepared a golf academy for Karviná primary school children.

Vladislav Sobol, a spokesman for OKD, a.s.