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OKD will pay out to its employees a quarterly bonus of CZK 4,900 on average

OKD will pay out to its employees a quarterly bonus of CZK 4,900 on average

OSTRAVA (3rd April 2008) – OKD will pay out to its employees extraordinary quarter bonus at the average amount of CZK 4,900. Miners and other underground workers will get on top of their wages for March CZK 5,200; surface employees will get CZK 4,000. The bonus representing remuneration for the extraordinary efforts of miners and other employees can be paid out by the company thanks to the very good productivity results in the first quarter, said Klaus-Dieter Beck, OKD CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors.


As the CEO emphasized, the bonus can be paid out only thanks to the extraordinary engagement of all people at all company positions. “I am seeing the individual mines and other workplaces on a regular basis and I see the great efforts of our people. The company provides them with new equipment and technologies and the replacement of personal protective devices is being prepared. Our employees pay us back with their excellent work for the company which needs to be financially rewarded,” said Mr. Beck.


OKD will spend approximately CZK 102 million for the extraordinary bonus. “Employee salaries for the first quarter will thus increase by 5.5 percent above the original plan,” stated Miloslava Trgiňová, OKD CFO and CHRO.


At the end of February, OKD employed approximately 15,200 people and another almost 1,500 employees in its subsidiaries. Besides Karviná Mine with Lazy and ČSA sites, OKD mines coal at ČSM Mine and Darkov Mine in Karviná district and at Paskov Mine at Frýdek-Místek district. The average salary in OKD in 2007 equaled CZK 29,135.


OKD is owned by the Dutch holding company New World Resources B. V.