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OKD will support studying children of its employees and will pay out scholarships to them

OKD will support studying children of its employees and will pay out scholarships to them

Ostrava (6 November 2008) – OKD, the mining company, has prepared another benefit to its employees – the company will support their children in studying selected technical branches at secondary schools and universities. OKD will pay out scholarships to them, will also offer them practical training and temporary jobs in its operations and will help them prepare their graduation theses.


In this school year, OKD will help ten students. The company will pay out a monthly scholarship of CZK 2,000 to the secondary school students and will support the university students by a double amount. “We will support the most talented children of our employees; important criterions will be their school results and also the state of their health,“ Miloslava Trgiňová, the Chief Financial and Human Resources Officer and Vice-Chairwoman of the Board of Directors of OKD specified.


The mining company wants to gradually return to the mining branch its original fame and respect. The OKD Academy aims at supporting the families of the current employees and educating further generations which will maintain and develop the mining traditions.


At present, the education of young mining generation ranks among the OKD priorities. It is mainly associated with the new plans of the company, which anticipate the mining in all the mines at least for the period of the next twenty years. The OKD Academy Project again makes the company approach the world’s trends. ”We have not devised an already devised item. We have been inspired by the foreign mining companies which have very good experience with similar activities,“ said Trgiňová.


OKD, joint-stock company is owned by New World Resources N. V., the Netherlands.