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OKD wins Regional President’s Award for Social Responsibility

OKD wins Regional President’s Award for Social Responsibility

Ostrava (29 January 2012) – The OKD mining company won the first place in the competition for the Award for Social Responsibility in the large companies category (over 250 employees). The award, bestowed by the President of the Moravian-Silesian Region, was handed over to the representatives of the winning companies by the Region’s First Deputy President Miroslav Novák at a ceremony held on Saturday evening in Hotel Imperial in Ostrava.

“I am very pleased to present the award to OKD, a company that uses the most advanced mining technologies and has significantly improved its occupational safety performance, strengthened its efforts to reclaim the areas affected by mining and has become,
through its foundation, a strong supporter of regional development efforts. They fully deserve the award”, said the region’s First Deputy President Miroslav Novák after announcement of the results.

“The Regional President’s Award for Social Responsibility assures us that we are on the right track. We are well aware that there is no future for us if we fail to persuade the people in our region to agree with the continuation of our mining activities. And to be able to win their consent, we must prove to have adopted a twenty-first century attitude to our surroundings”, said OKD’s CEO and Chairman of the Board
of Directors, Klaus-Dieter Beck.


OKD’s major social responsibility activities, or why the company won the Regional President’s Award:

  • Emphasise on employees’ safety: half a billion crowns spent on safety devices; occupational accidents have fallen by almost a half since 2007.
  • Since its inception in 2008, the OKD Foundation has distributed more than 180 million crowns among a thousand public welfare projects (the disabled, elderly, children, culture, education, environment etc.)
  • Sponsoring top sport clubs, which themselves support youth sports (HCB OKD Karviná, MFK OKD Karviná), and prestige festivals (Colours of Ostrava, Summer Shakespeare Festival at the Silesian Ostrava Castle and other events).
  • Re-launch of the mining apprenticeship education programme in the region (after almost 20 years).
  • Mining technology and equipment upgraded at a total cost of ten billion crowns – a better perspective for the company and a greater safety for the people.
  • Long-term retiree care programme (contributions to pensioners’ clubs, in-kind allowances to pensioners and widows).
  • Saint Barbara Civic Association (financed by OKD), which supports the education, leisure activities and health care of miners’ orphans.

  • Vladislav Sobol, spokesperson for OKD, a.s.