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OKD won the VIA BONA Award for the support of shops providing jobs to disabled people

OKD won the VIA BONA Award for the support of shops providing jobs to disabled people

OSTRAVA (14th September 2012) – OKD, the mining company, received the VIA BONA Award for its activities as a donor. The award was specifically given for social support of the disabled and their inclusion in the workplace. In the last two years the company donated more than CZK 15 million through the OKD Foundation into activities helping the disabled in their integration into everyday life.

„We are very proud of being awarded this very special award. For us it is recognition by an independent body of our effort targeted at improving the quality of life of the disabled, children and senior citizens,“ said Petra Mašínová, the OKD Communication Director and member of the OKD Foundation Board. She also mentioned that the OKD Foundation donated CZK 240 million for good causes over the past five years. „Several years ago no one would have ever thought that miners would become so much engaged in these activities. Nowadays we are the main partner of dozens of regional non-profit organisations and even of several national charitable projects,“ added Mašínová.

The miners got the award in the category „Support of a Specific Project“, where the direct impact of the support in a particular area is assessed. „We have been supporting for many years hundreds of non-profit organisations involved in the social area, education, leisure and environment. In the last two years we focused mainly on the disabled. Our support to the shops employing the disabled helped their operators to keep hundreds of jobs for the disabled, in spite of the difficult economic situation, and even to create dozens of new jobs. Our next programme “Experiences without Barriers” provided better access for people on wheelchairs to music festivals,“ explained the OKD Foundation Director Jiří Suchánek. Under his directorship the Foundation also operates “bezBar” a festival bar without barriers where people in wheelchairs are employed as waiters to remind the public about the issue of employing the disabled.

The VIA BONA Award is a prestigious public recognition of individuals and companies for their charitable effort in the Czech Republic. Every year it highlights the efforts of donors which set a good example, pointing out new trends in philanthropy providing an inspiration and acting as a beacon, showing the way to all existing and potential donors. The prize is awarded by the VIA Foundation under the auspices of the US Embassy.

The OKD Foundation has donated about CZK 240 million to 1400 good cause projects since its establishment in 2008 and most of the funds donated remained in Moravskoslezský Region. The founder of the OKD Foundation is OKD, a coal mining company, which contributes one per cent of its profit before tax every year. Other donors include NWR, RPG RE, Green Gas, AWT and OKK Koksovny.


Vladislav Sobol,

OKD, a.s. spokesperson