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Pilot part of OKD's Continuous Improvement project launched

Ostrava (October 14, 2009) – After the performed analysis, OKD began the implementation of the Continuous Improvement project that is based on the employees' initiatives and suggestions.  OKD believes that the project will lead to further improvement of the safety and of working conditions, and to a reduction of energy and material demands of the production. Successful ideas will be rewarded.


“Continuous Improvement will allow the employees to bring forward improvement ideas and then to implement them within their work teams. In particular, we expect that the pilot project of the continuous improvement system will simplify everyday work of the miners and other employees, as well as improve their safety,“ Ján Fabián, Deputy Chairman of the OKD Board of Directors, explained.


The objective of the management is to find, with the help the employees, simple and partial solutions that will help in practice. The advantage consists in the fact that the ideas will come from the employees themselves who know their working environment best and who are in the best position to identify possible improvements.


“Continuous Improvement could become one of the main tools to help us increase the efficiency of the OKD operation in the long term, thus also the assurance of a long-term employment to our staff. I have no doubts that the majority of people will also see it as a possibility to personally contribute to the improvement of the work in the company,“ Mr. Fabián added.


A motivation factor is not missing in the project either. For each valid and feasible idea, its author will receive an award in the amount of one thousand crowns. The authors of the ideas will also be rewarded after their successful implementation. Employees who will implement the ideas and projects will also be rewarded, depending on the scope of the improvement actually achieved. The first “swallows“ of the Continuous Improvement project already appeared in the form of two improvement projects that have been processed for several weeks now. They focus on the shortening of maintenance in the coalface during the morning shift and on the improvement of transportation of the materials from the transfer area to the workplace.


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