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Record Investments of OKD Will Increase the Productivity and Safety Deep under the Surface

Record Investments of OKD Will Increase the Productivity and Safety Deep under the Surface

OSTRAVA, December 4, 2007 -  The planned investments of the company OKD in mining technologies of approx. EUR 300 mil. (more than CZK  8 mld.) will result, in addition to the higher  productivity, also to the improved safety for miners working deep under the ground surface. New technologies will also enable to exploit up to now hardly ever accessible coal stocks.  ”The mining has been gradually moved in bigger depths where the pressure of surrounding rocks has been increasing. When mining the coal there, supports of high load bearing capacity should be used,“ explained  the Technical Director of OKD, Mr.Jan Matula.


The  OKD  technologies modernization  is the  biggest investment in the Company history, and, based on available data, also this year  highest reported investment in the Moravia-Silesia region.


Mr. Klaus-Dieter Beck, Chairman of the Board of Directors and General Director of the company OKD, said: “The investment program is one of pillars of our productivity optimization plan. It will have a positive influence to the efficiency of our mine operations and, simultaneously, it will enable us safe mining from bigger depths which will be of benefit in conversion of other resources to the stocks.”


The investments will be allocated evenly in any and all OKD mines. “Contractors have been preparing for us 10 advanced  customized technologies for the face equipment, i.e. place where coal is mined. Particular technologies consist of  advancing supports, conveyors, cutter-loader and electric power equipment supplying the machines. At the same time, we are going to purchase 12 driving technologies for face preparation,“ said Mr. Matula.


The ordered technologies will strengthen a position of  OKD in the mining industry. “They are the most advanced equipments currently available at the global market,“ said Mr. Matula.


The first supplies in 2008 will be directed  to the Coal Mine Lazy. “They will enable us to exploit coal stocks there which we would hardly ever gain an access to. Due to the new investments, we will start up a face in the Coal Mine Lazy which we have had to stop this year because of the operation safety“, explained  the Technical Director. In the next two years, the technologies will be gradually installed into other coal mines, too.


OKD is a part of the Netherlands industrial group New World Resources (NWR). A sole owner of NWR is the company RPG Industries. The Company is the biggest employer in the region, employs almost 16 thousand of people.