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Rock bounce - OKD - Důl ČSM

On 4th December 2015, shortly after 02:00 a.m., a rock bounce of the energy 7,2x106  J occurred at OKD 2, ČSM South site in the top wall of the operated LW panel 401 311, in the seam 39a, block 3 and the mining workings became filled with gas, in consequence of which 3 employees were injured. Immediately Main mining rescue (HBZS) mining and medical squads were called in and transported injured miners to surrounding hospitals for further treatment. These people are out of danger of life. As a result of a rock bounce event, neither deformities of reinforcement occurred, nor damage to long-wall equipment or adjacent gate roads. The work section was closed and Main Mining Rescue (HBZS) is making a thorough field reconnaissance and necessary seismic measures.


The causes of this extraordinary event are being investigated by representatives consisting of District Mining Authority for Moravian-Silesian and Olomouc regions, OKD, Green Gas DPB, Management of OKD 2 and Trade Union representatives.