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Safety awards; OKD reports the lowest ever number of mining injuries in 2013

Safety awards; OKD reports the lowest ever number of mining injuries in 2013

Ostrava (30 January 2014) – OKD considers work safety its absolute priority and incentivizes its employees to work in a safe and responsible way. That was the reason to draw a lottery involving more than 12,000 core employees and contractors who had worked without any injury in 2013 and award foreign trip vouchers to 15 lottery winners. OKD also provides regular awards to the crews with best achievements in work safety and implements a whole range of incentive programmes with the aim to eliminate any potential risks and hazardous situations that may occur while working under the ground.


The number of injuries at OKD mines continues to drop on the year-on-year basis. While there were 869 injuries reported in 2005, there were only 208 in 2013 representing a year-on-year improvement of 13 % (238 injuries reported in 2012). LTIFR*, or lost-time injury frequency rate that is a key internationally acknowledged safety indicator, has also dropped from 7.6 to 7.37 on a year-on-year basis. All the data include contractors.

OKD has set a stretched target this year to become the Central European leader in hard coal mining safety and reduce the LTIFR down to 5. The company intends to take all possible actions to make this goal happen.

“Key safety indicator trend over the past years shows that the implemented measures make sense and go the right way. A significant improvement has already been achieved. However, there is still a long way to go before we reach our goal: injury-free operations. We have to focus even more intensely on the personal attitude of every single workman towards safe behaviour and principles of safe work. Most of injuries are caused by human factor failure and non-observance of regulations. When working, we have to bear in mind not only our own safety but also the health of our colleagues,” says Pavel Hadrava, OKD COO.


OKD has drawn lots from employees of all operations who had no injury in 2013 and awarded foreign trip vouchers worth CZK 50,000, 30,000 and 20,000 to the winners.

Financial bonuses for safety are also offered to the best longwall, development and set-up/recovery crews every half-year. In the scope of «Safe Work Section», crews are being awarded in quarterly competitions at individual mining operations for housekeeping at work sections and at access gateroads.

Marek Síbrt, Spokesperson of OKD, a.s.

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